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Tyuyu-Jenny-Hyeri, Center of girl group with a doll-like beauty

2018-09-21 15:47:47
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[by Hwang SoHee] The center position of a girl group is always held by a member with exceptional beauty since it is considering as the most vital part of group. These centers are gaining their popularity from various fan demographics with their beauty, innate talent and charm.

Center position of girl group is beloved not only in Korea but also in abroad with impeccable beauty and talent. Let’s find out who are those centers who stole hearts from the people with their distinctive character.

Tyuyu from Twice, Jenny from Black Pink and Hyeri from Girl’s days are upholding their position as center with their superior beauty. Twice, Black Pink and Girl’s day are the most popular groups among the girl groups. What are the common among Tyuyu, Jenny and Hyeri who draw the most attention of all?

The charming point of Tyuyu, Jenny and Hyeri is the petite and skinny facial structure that emphasizes well balanced facial features. Their V-line facial structure not only complete the doll-like beauty, but also creates perfect ratio. Let’s focus here to be more like Tyuyu, Jenny and Hyeri’s beauty.

The most important part of creating petite and skinny facial structure are relaxing the tightened facial muscles and giving constant care to prevent swelling. But there is a limit to get treatment every time that cost a lot of time and money. Let’s simply care our muscle with easy to learn facial massage technique.

It is a facial massage technique that creates v-line on the face by repeatedly lifting the skin along the jaw line. It is excellent in relieve the swollen muscle of the jaw line. It also stimulates the clown, which can make the face look bigger. Especially you can feel skinnier by pressing the jaw muscle, visible when chewing food, with the fingers.

These self-massages can be effective to relax the swollen muscle however that can only be temporary if you do not perform them regularly. Also, there could a structural facial complex that cannot be modify by facial massage. If you are one of those people with these types of struggles, facial tectonic surgery could be the solution.

JK Plastic Surgery’s director Kim Seongsik (Plastic Surgeon) said “There are lots of people who are suffering from strong image creating from large lower jawbone that locates too far low part of the face. If the facial structure cannot be modify after facial massage and other technique, it could be a solution to consider v-line square jaw operation that will modify the facial structure.”

Director Kim Seongsik said “If you only aim for the smaller face from facial contour surgery, due to excessive removal, it can create artificial facial line. it is important to discuss with trained specialist to decide the appropriate surgical method”

JK Plastic Surgery Center, the first hospital to invite foreign patients, has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis before performing the surgery on patient with cutting edge medical device and monitor system. Also it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and holds 20 years of medical accident free record by having excellent team work between skilled specialists. Also, to consider inevitable emergency situation, they have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit to prioritize patients’ safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Cinic, bnt News DB)


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