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Sat May 25

Fall season! Moisturizing care from deep inside

2018-09-28 15:07:57
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[by Hwang So-hee] We can feel the autumn is just around the corner with the news of rain all over the county and the low temperatures in the morning and evening. The arrival of autumn is a good news to everyone who are tired of the hot summer heat, but as the changing season bring extreme dryness, our skin health is on high alert.

When the season changes, there are sudden temperature change, dry air, and drastic temperature drops during morning and night. This dry out our skin and throws off the oil and water balance to cause various skin troubles. In particular, itching and dead skin cell build ups due to dryness can make you look unclean, so it can create a big concern.

If you are suffering from discomfort and already suffering from dry skin from the unavoidable season change, you should pay attention. With a simple home care without going to the skin care professional, here are skin care that can help your skin stay moisturized and hydrated. Let's achieve clear and clean skin texture with densely packed moisture care.

>> Exfoliation

Dehydrated and dried skin causes the stratum corneum to thicken to make you skin rough with dead skin cells. Dead skin cell build ups make it hard to absorb the makeup, and when left untreated, it make causes wrinkles and accelerate skin aging.

To prevent aging and maintain smoot skin texture, exfoliation is essential. For sensitive skin that is easily irritated by external friction, it is wise to use a less irritating peeling toner as regular peeling gels can cause reddening or stinging of skin.


3CE White Milquidro Peeling Toner is an exfoliating care toner that cleanses the dead skin cell build ups and replenishes moisture to provide smooth skin. It removes the makeup remnants and wastes left on the skin to manage your skin texture, you can feel the difference when you apply makeup in the morning. It contains milk protein extracts to brighten dull skin tones and brighten up your skin.

>> Moisture film construction

During the changing season, 15% of moisture in air dissipates and this leads your skin to loose moisture as well. This is why it is crucial to pay more attention to moisturizing management than usual during the changing season.

It is recommended to use a moisturizer to provide sufficient hydration during the drying seasons when your skin is dry and itchy. It is excellent to select a moisture cream which can form a strong moisturizing film so that moisture in the skin does not evaporate.


3CE White Milquidro Lotion Facial Cream dissolves as soon as you apply on skin like essence, and when you roll over your skin, you can feel the soft texture like milk. Milk Protein Extract and Botanical Butter create a double moisturizing protective film that supply moisture lock in effect to prevent deep hydration and moisture retention.

>> Skin barrier enhancement

If you think adding one moisturizing cream will fulfill your skin dehydration, it is a mistake. Because the atmosphere quickly dries out in the fall season, many people feel discomfort of pulling of the skin from the inside due to the moisture in the skin decreasing rapidly, while the outer surface is left with oiliness.

At times when skin immunity weakens, special care is needed to strengthen skin barrier and replenish enough nutrients to your skin. The easy-to-finish skin mask packs that instantly supply nourishment and moisture into the dry skin for a satisfying, low-cost benefits.


3CE Back to Baby Mask Nourishing Special is a two-step mask that nourishes dry and dry skin with glow essence, and hydrates the skin with a cream mask to deeply replenish the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid to help supply skin with elastic and volume. Microfiber fabric not only keeps a sufficient amount of essence, but also keeps moisturizing for a long time, effectively delivering active ingredients to the skin. (photo by Stylenanda 3CE)


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