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Sat May 25

2018 F/W Eye One-point make up trend

2018-09-28 16:00:02
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[by Hwang Sohee] After heat has gone away, the autumn has arrived with series of cool rain showers. If you want to truly enjoy the autumn weather after the long hot weather, autumn one point make up that shows 2018 F/W beauty trend is the one you should not miss.

If the bright lip point make up and blusher were the beauty trend of 2018 summer, eye point make up with glitter shadow is going to be the trend of this coming fall. The point of this autumn make up is giving the deep color shading with brown tone shadow and adding the lovely charm with shiny glitter.

If you are tired of dull shadowed make up throughout all four season, let’s pay attention here. We have prepared you a special eye make up with bright glitter shadow that follows 2018 F/W make up trend. Let’s look into the makeup trend that will make you an elegant autumn goddess.

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