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Sat May 25

Haesol Hair Scalp Clinic Daejeon branch opens in Lotte Department Store Shop

2018-09-28 17:00:16
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[by Hwang Yeondo] A hair scalp clinic that started from Busan, Haesol hair scalp clinics Daaejon branch is opening in Lotte Department.

It successfully opens its branch in Daejon after series of nationwide network in following locations: Busan Semeon Head Quater, Nam Cheon, Nam Po, Dong Rae, Deok Cheon, Busan Univ, Sa Ha, Seoul Gang Nam, Mia and Sejong.

The franchise have the hair scalp management system include one on one consultation with special technologist who will analysis individuals scalp problem and proceed specialized care program that specialized for Koreans after 16 years of clinical trial data. Moreover, the cutting-edge 3D Diagnostics machine measures the density of the hair, the status of bulb of hair and more; after they give scientific scalp care suits for each individuals using products derive from natural medicine, marine bio-material composition, and eco-friendly raw material' that have shown effectiveness, expertise and safety.

Thanks to these optional managements, the brand has gained high reliability from its customers because by reducing unnecessary packages, programs, and receiving only necessary care, it can increase the effect while managing the cost of treatment within the reasonable price range.

Company officials said “The cause of the hair loss includes genetic, stress, trouble resistance, and other wide variety of causes. Due to this, it is important to personalize the treatment after analysis the cause. Therefore, it is crucial to get the right treatment by visiting the well programmed and honest hair scalp clinic. Haesol hair scalp clinics have gained high liabilities by the customers by having countless clinical trial history and improvement history through spontaneous network among branches”

On the other hand, Haesol hair scalp clinic Daejeon branch, which locates at the 5th floor of Lotte Department Store gives out free scalp analysis to celebrate their grand opening. The visitors can receive 50% discount coupon on hair, scalp, and loss of hair treatment or grain powder dye. It also gives free session of scalp analysis and scalp scaling treatment if you purchase more than 100,000 KRW. You can check the more information about the event on the official website.


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