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Thu Apr 25

Do you want a special journey? Go for Hong Kong History Tour!

2018-09-28 17:03:23
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[by Kim Hyojin] Hong Kong, the center of free traveling. If you are tired of touring that is focused on shopping and eating, let’s pay attention here. Let’s visit Hong Kong’s famous historical spot if you are planning for more special adventure in Hong Kong. If you are looking into one’s history even for a brief moment not just visiting the site, the memory will stay much longer.

History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of History is where you can see the history of Hong Kong from the Stone Age to the Modern age. The size of Hong Kong on the map may be small but there are endless stories behind it. Also the Hong Kong Museum of History is filled with numerous contents despite of its size.

The museum’s display follow the time table. There are artificial statues that recreate the historical moment. Whether you are a child or an adult, you will fall in to that moment. You can understand more about Hong Kong by understanding the history of Hong Kong and you can tour in clean environment despite of any weather. Even the entrance fee is free of charge. I highly recommend you to visit.

Hong Kong’s Opera

If there is a Peking opera in China, there is Cantonese opera in Hong Kong Cantonese opera could be called in Chinese Opera and it is in Cantonese style. The Hong Kong Government put lots of effort to put the Cantonese opera that contains style of canton area, on UNESCO world intangible heritage and it has finally made it on the list on the 2010.

Each year there is a Hong Kong art Festival in Hong Kong. It is a major art festival held in Hong Kong that allows you to enjoy various kinds of show with its abundant content and numerous genre, you can create beautiful memory. If you purchase the early bird ticket by following up with its schedule, you can earn a huge benefit.

The taste of Hong Kong

No matter how fun the travel might be, there is a saying that the sightseeing starts after the food. Delicious food can comfort the exhaustion from the busy day and it could be a source of energy for the following day. If you have looked into the history of Hong Kong and its culture during the day, let’s fill up our belly with delicious meal.

The Goobne Chicken located in shopping district of the Hong Kong Jeonggwanno area is the NO. 1 Korean oven roasted chicken that is beloved not only in Korea but also in other countries. The most popular dish of this place is crispy, sweet “Goobne Honey Curry Crisp Chicken’. Besides that, you can enjoy various menu such as ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’ ‘Soy garlic chicken’, Rolled Omelet, Cheese Tteok Bokki, Skewered chicken, cheese kimchi fried rice, cheese bulgogi friend rice and more. (photo by GoobNe Chicken, Honk Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Art Festival Official Web Page)


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