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Sat May 25

Complete Conquer Of Dry Skin With Homecare

2018-10-05 16:58:52
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[by Hwang Sohee] Special treatment, moisturize the dry skin from the recent weather that damages skin moisture with its dry temperature and cold weather, is needed. Big temperature difference during in between season can easily create crease on dry skin.

It is crucial for skincare routine during in between season before fall is moisturizing the skin. It is important to give detailed care from the basic step because the dry air decreases moisture content in the air that can create dead skin, which can create various trouble.

If you want to keep your skin healthy from all the dangers from the outside, let’s change your skin care. Let’s complete the beautiful bare face from home care that is almost like the one in professional care: Moisture care that will prevent dry skin by eliminating dead skin that blocks pore, utilizing sleeping mask that increase self-magnetism of the skin.

>> eliminating the dead skin

If you thought that you can skip the step of eliminating dead skin because of having sensitive and dry skin, you are wrong. During in between season before fall, the number of dead skin increases while skin’s moisture content decreases. If you don’t eliminate them on time, it will cause various trouble by blocking the pore. If you are concern about dry and sensitive skin and you want to smoothly eliminate all the white dead skin, let’s use peeling toner.

Peeling toner is uses the method of wiping the skin following its texture by applying appropriate amount on the makeup cotton unlike peeling jell that you apply directly on skin to get rid of dead skin. It gives less stimulus to skin and easy to use. Especially, if you use the peeling toner before putting on the makeup, you can create more smooth makeup and brighten the skin.


3CE White Milquidro Peeling Toner is dead skin care toner that manage skin by refilling the moisture content in the skin while eliminating the dead skin. It cleans the skin tone by eliminating the residuals of makeup and skin waste; you can feel the difference in the morning when you put on the makeup. It brightens its skin with its milk protein extracts and it moisturize the skin with moisture components such as hyaluronic acid and more.

Moisturizing Cream

It is easy to feel the dryness during the in between season before fall if you use the ordinary moisturizing agent. The cold wind after the summer makes skin, pore and sweat gland to shrink and it decreases the production of sebum which makes our skin dry.

Dry skin can make dry skin to be visible by making them white and it could also make skin tight, rough and even itchy. It requires special attention since the lack of treatment on dry skin can makes it chronic skin disease. Let’s prevent the dry skin and crease with moisture cream that will give nutrients and moisture to our skin.


3CE White Milquidro Facial Cream gives moisture comes from the inside of skin by giving strong moisture. When you apply to your skin, it melts immediately like you are apply the essence oil. Also you can feel the soft usage since it spread like milk bubbles when you roll it. Milk protein extracts and vegetable butter create moisturizing film in 2 layers; Creates moisture-locking effects.

>> Sleeping Pack

It is easy to destroy the skin health from big daily temperature difference even though you have formed strong moisture film after cleaning the skin tone. If you want to recover your health, let’s look after the sleeping time when the body recreates the new skin and have higher blood flow.

It is important to take enough sleep between 10pm to 2am when skin regeneration is most active. It is good to give nutrients through skin care but it is also important to increase the skin regeneration power from enough sleep. If you utilize the sleeping mask that will recreate the fallen skin protection, you can have double effect of increasing the absorption of nutrient while eliminating the skin waste. 


3CE WHITE MILK SLEEPING MASK is a whitening sleeping mask that creates milk color skin when you are in sleep by treating trouble while moisturizing the skin. With its milk toning effect that brighten the skin tone while eliminating the skin trouble, it creates milk color skin while you are in sleep. You can feel the moist skin when you get up the following day even though it has a creamy texture when you apply it.


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