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Sat May 25

Song Jihyo-Kim Taeri-Lee Yoori, three heroines who dominates the TV drama

2018-10-05 17:18:12
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[by Hwang Sohee] When you talk about the popular drama, the most important component is the heroine. Heroines, who have perfect beauty and talent, always manage to perfectly do their job regardless of character with superior beauty and amazing acting.

Song Jihyo from KBS Monday & Tuesday drama ‘Lovely Horribly, Kim Taeri from tvN weekend drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and Lee Yoori from MBC weekend drama ‘Hide and Seek’. We have brought three heroines who have dominated our TV with high viewer rates record. Let’s look at their each uniquely different makeup’s characteristics.

KBS2 Monday & Tuesday drama ‘Lovely Horribly’ is a horror romantic comedy based on two man and woman who share destiny together meet each other as top star and drama writer. Song Jihyo who acts as the partner of character act by Park Si Hoo, have shown the great acting as Oh Eul soon, a drama writer in the show.

Song Jihyo, who show different individualities through not only the drama but also entertainment show, have gained her popularity with urban and pure vibe. If you want to create the clean look like Song Jihyo, it is important to focus on clear and transparent skin look than the deep color makeup.

Let’s add natural charm by completing the healthy skin look with moist base makeup and expressing the texture of the eyebrows. After creating the sharp eyes with mascara instead of eyeliner, you can finish off the look by adding the liveliness with pink lipstick.

tvN weekend drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’, drawn high attention by casting famous actors along with story from highly renown writer Kim Eun Sook and direction of Lee Eung Bok, is a Tv drama telling story about a boy who have left to the United States through battleship during the 1871 US expedition to Korea coming back to his home country Cho Sun as an American solider.

Kim Taeri, who appear herself on TV and movie screen frequently, plays Ko Ae Shin, who is an activist coming from fourth generation novelty fighting for Cho Sun’s sovereignty, alongside with Lee Byung Hun who is playing as Eugene Choi. Kim Taeri emphasizes her unique fresh charm on daily basis with subtle natural makeup.

If you want to create subtle natural look that emphasizes harmony like Kim Taeri it is good to express the deep look with light pink shadow and add pink tone crusher to add the loveliness. It is important to not overdo the makeup by adjusting the amount of color makeup such as brushers and shadow on your hands.

MBC weekend drama ‘Hide and Seek’ telling the story of secrets and desire surrounding life of two women. One, who is a successor of Korea’s prestigious makeup company, another woman who had live the one’s life instead. Lee Yoori plays the character who is a Brand Make Pacific’s executive director; she seems like coming from rich family but she has gone through three different households as an orphan.

Lee Yoori has gained lots of popularity with her lovely charm, overwhelming charisma, and highly attractive character even though her character is on the bad side. Lee Yoori’s makeup point is the eye makeup that completes charismatic girl vibe.

Let’s try to create the shape by applying the beige shade all around the eye hole and adding the brown shade along the double eye lid line. Afterward, complete the sharp and clear eyes by lifting the line of brown eyeliner that was used to fill up the inner side of eyes. It is completely finished when you smoothly draw eyelashes with brown eyebrows and brighten the face with coral color lipstick.

It may be challenging to change your image with unique heroine makeup because your complex over appearance. There is a limit to create the desired effect just with makeup; especially if it’s your eyes have no double eyelids nor have closed up eyes. If your eyes are hard to create the effect what you want with just the makeup, it is good to talk to a specialist.
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Eye correction surgery method will be determined by the types of eyes. If you have excessive amount of fat on your eyes, it will be incision method; if you have thin skin and small eyes, it could be done easily with burial method. Also, if you have sleepy looking eyes or upward tail of the eyes, it could be done with appropriate methods.

Direction Bake Hyewon said “There are people who comes to our facility after trying out various method to cover up their complex and couldn’t get the desired result then end up in our facility. If you want a sharp and pretty eyes, before getting the eye correction surgery, you should talk to the specialist to determine what type of eyes you have to create the perfect result.

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