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Sat May 25

Launches ‘ILUILY’, a trendy emotional beauty new brand

2018-10-10 09:34:49
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Beauty brand, ILUILY launches newly. ILUILY has a motto, 'Love your own unique color', and is an emotional beauty brand that loves yourself and adds sparkles to your original color for you and with your own color recipe that loves yourself. The brand is scheduled to launch the treatments, essences, scalp mists, hair mists, and skin care lines, starting with emotional shampoos that use sensational colors and scents.

If the conventional products of the company were at the price level that could be burden on the young, the point that this new brand has lowered the purchasing barrier by adjusting drastically the price range is expected to catch the consumer eyes.

The ILUYLY officials commented that "The company has devoted to researching the formulation for a long time in order to make the product boating the best quality at a burdenless price range, and wants to make a brand that the family members can use with trust. "

Meanwhile, ILUILY is preparing for a new product launching event. For more detail information, it is able to check through the official web site of ILUILY brand.


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