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Actress Sooyoung, Colorful Styling Shines BUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

2018-10-18 09:48:44
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[by Oh Hyeong jun] Girl’s Generation Sooyoung became heroine of ‘2018 Busan International Film Festival’ Starting with October 4th opening red carpet event, on the 5th, she participated in her first movie as main heroine ‘Memories of Dead End’ stage greeting; on the same day evening, she participated Builfilm award.

As it reflects the hot issue surrounding her in the film industry, she became the heroine of the film festival; she has recently been building her reputation as an actress. She has been going with the busy schedule of program and awards that taken place during the film festival.

Her fresh fashion that shows new side of her on each schedule gives light behind her existence on the stage. Her styling, obligated to show colorful image of her, that leaves great impression one stage after another becomes an issue We have looked into Sooyoung, who is coloring Busan with her color’s fashion.

Passion of Newbie! Red the Passion

October 5th, the day after the opening of the film festival, she showed up at the stage greeting for the ‘Memories of Dead end’ the Busan Cinema Center. She said “It is my first time at the Busan International Film Festival. It makes me emotional”

She showed her passion and courage as a newbie by using red color since it is her first time at the film festival as an actress. She showed powerful look that caught people’s eyes matching shiny enamel leather skirt with red, black, white colored patterned stripe neat knit. She showed off her long arm and leg with shirt sleeve and mini skirt.

Editors' Pick

If you want to draw people’s attention with one item, I recommend leather skirt. Leather material’s glossy and texture is especially emphasized in this item. It creates unique silhouette with crossed cutting line. It also holds the body line tight with its elastic material.

Also, its appropriate length eliminates concerns on exposure even though it is a mini skirt. It is an item you can show off long and skinny body line like Sooyoung with its appropriate length. You can tuck in the top to really stand this item’s character out; however, it is okay to match with comfortable shirt or t-shirt.

Like Busan Ocean! Blue Dress

On the same day evening, she participated in hand printing event of ‘27th Builfilm award’ held by Busan Ilbo. She created somewhat different vibe from the afternoon using cobalt blue colored romantic dress on the red carpet before the event. It was an impressive dress with beautiful color and waves just like Busan’s night beach.

Not only it created beautiful silhouette with natural crease but also it emphasize the neck line and shoulder line with halter neck. There was also a pointer on the bottom. With its opened space, it showed Sooyoung’s long leg without hiding it. Her summer-like physical and wavy clothing completed the beautiful look.

Editors' Pick

If you want to give romantic and girly vibe wearing one-piece dress during fall, I recommend this item. It added fun of wearing and looking by utilizing sensual color variation and crisp fabric. Unlike summer season one-piece dress, you can feel the autumn vibe from the toned down color.

By adding the ribbon detail in each sleeves and hem, it creates luxury and lovely mood. It is easy to layer with various items since it is light; it has high utilization because you can wear it by itself as one-piece dress to create dress up image. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)


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