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Thu Jul 18

Moisture Layering Tip That Decrease Skin Age

2018-10-18 10:11:44
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[by Hwang Sohee] 2018 has less than three months. Before you finish the year, you get to sign from looking at deeper wrinkles on face when you look at the mirror Searching for anti-aging product for skin, that is losing elasticity each day, does give satisfying result that easily.

The special skin treatment method is necessary especially for in-between season when there is severe daily temperature difference; it is easy to have wrinkles from dry weather. It is most important to maintain the moisture level balance for the sensitive that change itself depends on environment (season or temperature).

If you are concern about wrinkle, the trace of time, let’s focus here. We have prepared the moisture layer management method that will not only prevent skin aging but also protect your skin from dry in-between season weather. Let’s keep our beauty through moisture layering that decreases skin age.

Step 1: Clean skin tone

It is important to use the product that has great effect of supplementing moisture because you have to apply it right after washing your face. That’s when you lose moisture on your skin. Light water type toner that has high absorbing power have not only enough moisture feel but also can be utilize as toner facial mask to smooth the sensitive skin.

Also choose the toner with mild natural ingredient since we use it very first in fundamental step. After applying appropriate amount of toner on makeup cotton, put it on forehead, both cheeks and nose. After 5 ~ 10 minutes, remove toner facial mask and hit the residual toner gently to absorb them. Be careful since if you apply toner facial mask too long, it could remove the moisture in skin.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO MILD TONER maintain fragile skin’s moisture after washing the face to give liveness. Amethyst, Pearl, coral, and tourmaline; these four gem powder help cleaning the skin tone and balance care of the damaged skin: helping the skin to be transparent and shiny. It effectively give nutritious and moisture feeling with reformulated particle.

Step 2: Spot Care

After you give smoothing affect and moisture with toner facial mask, it is necessary to give spot care that will treat wrinkled area next to eyes and mouth. Let’s complete the deep moisturizing and give nutrients to your skin with essence with anti-aging ingredient.

When elastin, responsible for skin elasticity, get stimulated it triggers wrinkles and skin laxity due to disarrangement. If you want to prevent small wrinkles on your eyes, mouth, and forehead and in between forehead, where it is easy to get wrinkles, let’s manage with moisture essence.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO GLOSSY ESSENCE fully supplement moisture in the skin and manage hidden glossy with milk energy. It achieves ideal double moisturizing without stickiness by including milk protein extract, panthenol, Vitamin E derivatives and cacao seed butter. It manages elastic skin by supplementing nutrients inside the skin with its hybrid formula.

Step 3: Strengthen Skin Barrier

Between summer and fall, from its rapid temperature difference, your skin becomes rough due to decrease of moisture and oil in your skin. Dry skin with unbalanced moisture level will not only make your skin dark but also prevent makeup from applying; it is a big concern for many people.

If you want to give elasticity to damage and tired skin, it is important to strengthen the skin barrier that has been damaged by outer environment. Because of changing environment, the skin barrier falls down and the sensitive/ dry skin cause trouble and triggers aging of skin.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO FACIAL CREAM melts into your skin immediately after applying on your skin; you can feel the soft usage since it spread like milk bubble when you roll it. Also the milk protein extracts and vegetable butter create moisturizing film in 2 layers; Creates moisture-locking effects. The milk protein extract helps skin barrier restoration; it keeps the moist skin and allow you to feel fresh finish.


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