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Wed Jun 26

Waiting is must! Hong Kong’s hot culinary destination that draw people from all over the world

2018-10-26 16:10:35
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[by Kim Hyo Jin] Hong Kong, where has developed food and bread culture. It has numerous numbers of Michelin starred restaurants and bakeries on each street with excellent taste. Hong Kong foodie tour is a must.

Especially, Hong Kong not only has its own culture but also has cultures from all over the world. If you want to plan out special journey not an ordinary one for this winter, it is good to plan out Hong Kong foodie tour where you can meet Hong Kong’s signature food to familiar world cuisines.

From restaurant owned by hotel chef to cookie that addicted everyone’s taste bud. Let’s look into Hong Kong’s culinary destinations that has minimum 30 minutes waiting and sold out on daily basis.

Jenny Bakery

If you have visited Hong Kong, you probably went to Jenny Bakery once. The butter cookie that melts in your mouth is Jenny Cookie’s signature menu. Jenny Cookie’s unique butter taste starts to spread through words of mouth then it became Hong Kong’s signature food that can’t be sell because it is out of stock.

In Korea, it has become must have souvenir from Hong Kong: so called “Drugged Cookie” Jenny Cookie, just like its nick name drugged cookie, you can’t stop eating after having once, have tin case package that draws people’s attention. The tin case, that can be use in different ways after eating all the cookies, have different illustrations on top of tin case that triggers one’s desires to collect them.

Paper Stone Bakery

If you are into European style baguette, you should focus here. Paper Stone Bakery, the baguette specialized bakery, gives you an opportunity to meet unique and different baguettes. The fig baguette, filled with figs, and pink baguette, colored with beets root, are menus that draw people’s attention.

Also, it has ordering system that let you select ingredients in bread after being baked at the site every day. You should visit here at least once because it has not only baguette but it also has Danish, pastry, bread, cake and much more other pastry goods.

GoobNe Chicken

Korea’s chicken and beer phenomenon is spreading throughout the world. Chicken, that has moist and great texture, and sip of cool beer seems like getting rid of all the stress. It is healing itself to have chicken after Hong Kong journey that requires lots of walking.

Fried chicken with thick tempura clothing is good but let’s try oven roasted chicken to live up well-being trend. At Hong Kong Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tseung Kwan O, Causeway Bay You can enjoy Korea’s No.1 oven roasted chicken brand, Goobne Chicken. . You can enjoy various menu such as ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’ ‘Soy garlic chicken’, Rolled Omelet, Cheese Tteok Bokki, Skewered chicken, cheese kimchi fried rice, cheese bulgogi friend rice and more; you can truly enjoy the taste of Korea. (photo by GoobNe Chicken)


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