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Thu Jul 18

10 Minutes makeup in the morning to be a perfect career woman

2018-10-26 16:31:57
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[by Hwang So Hee] Every morning we wake up from loud alarm with tired body. Makeup we put on while half asleep can be lousy. That doesn’t mean we can go to work without makeup; leaving dark circle and noticeable trouble alone.

During the morning, when we want to spend 10 more minutes in bed by sparing some time from putting makeup and eating breakfast, if you think that makeup, makes you little more beautiful, is a luxury, let’s pay attention to this.

Let’s say good bye to all crumbled foundation, unbalanced eyebrows and crooked eyeliners. We have prepared super-fast makeup that will help you to become perfect career women in 10 minutes in the morning. Let’s start confident morning with career women makeup that gives you clean impression starting from tomorrow morning.

>> Complete clean image with neat eyebrows

Often, you can see people who successfully changed their overall facial image by changing their eye brows. That’s how much eye brows affect in completing one’s look. Especially, if you have a complex on your facial shape, it could be a good idea to change the eyebrows shape.

But, the eyebrow makeup requires the most skill out of all makeup. If you don’t have enough makeup skills, you could create out of style caterpillar eyebrows or unbalanced eyebrows. In order to minimize the mistake, it is smart to choose dual brow.


3CE BROW PENCIL & CUSHION helps you with makeup easy and convenient with its two in one package: slim pencil that can express each eyebrow and with its cream powder cushion that naturally fill up the empty spots in the eye brow. You can maintain the perfect makeup anytime anywhere by fixing the eyebrow and hair line with compact pencil that you can conveniently carry in pouch or bag.

>> Create sharp eyes with rich eyelashes

It could be challenging to do eye makeup that requires different colors of layers in busy morning. If you want to have sharp looking eyes, instead of over coloring shadow, it is better to focus on creating the rich eye lashes.

Let’s give rich volume by picking the eyelashes with eyelash curler to make cool-looking eyes. Then, if you apply eyelashes with mascara in zigzag direction, you can create long and rich eyelashes. If you want to create lily vibe, it is good to utilize brown color mascara.


3CE WATERPROOF MEGA VOLUME MASCARA can maintain doll-like full eyelashes all day long with its waterproof mascara that can absolutely fix the eyelashes and can apply clean. It can create sharp eyes with its’ high color figment for deeper and clear eyelashes.

>> Complete liveness with lip point

It is not weird to say the end of makeup is lip color. Depends on color and texture, it could shift the overall mood. You cannot give up lip makeup despite how busy you are. Let’s be cautious on lip makeup you did it in short amount of time in busy morning; it could look lousy because the makeup might have gone off the lip line.

If you want to create hip makeup with one touch during busy morning, we recommend Coral lipstick. With its attractive subtle color, coral makeup is perfect for daily makeup. Also, unlike tint that is hard to fix once it has been applied, lipstick can be easily fixed and it has brighter color with moist texture.


3CE SLIM VELVET LIP COLOR keeps the comfortable lip makeup for long period of time by smoothly blending the high color development velvety texture that softly apply as it touches your lip in between fine wrinkles on your lips. #Simple Stay is perfect for daily use with its warm and calm vintage coral color.


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