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Wed Jun 26

MyGenomeBox, made a business agreement with Lifecode, a Hong Kong health management enterprise

2018-10-30 14:39:59
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MyGenomeBox, the world's first gene-based open platform, made a MOU with Lifecode, a Hong Kong health management enterprise, for the activation of genome related business.

Lifecode, located at the central region in Hong Kong, is a health management company that apprehends the risk of disease occurrence such as heart disease, cancer, and various genetic diseases through genetic analysis, and that implements the prediction and preventive medicine based on this. They are also proceeding various lifestyle related businesses such as nutrition, talent, fitness and etc.

Park Young-tae, CEO of MyGenomeBox, announced that "MyGenomeBox and Lifecode found a common goal of both companies, which is 'the quality improvement of life for people based on genetic data', and based on it, the MOU was progressed. Starting with this agreement, we hope to launch new services of Lifecode and MyGenomeBox and raise the awareness of MyGenomeBox in the market of Hong Kong." Subsequently, he commented that "The Lifecode is not only serving healthcare, also services the gene related products in various fields. This is consistent with the identity of MyGenomeBox and the cooperative fields would be various as well."

The agreement of both companies will be close to more various people in the points that it would be involved not only in the overall fields related to the quality improvement of life such as the skin care and youth talent investigation, but also in the medical services, such as the disease prevention based on gene data.

In addition, on the basis of this agreement, MyGenomeBox and Lifecode have the opportunity to discuss business cooperation with various partner companies of both companies each other.


MyGenomeBox provides a genome based shared economic open platform for individuals to manage their genome information securely and utilize it consistently in various applications, through "DNA App Store" technology", one of the '10 Innovative Technologies' selected by 'MIT Technology Review 2016'.

On the MyGenomeBox platform, DNA information can be checked through more than about 100 DNA Apps, and the commercialization of a lot of individual-customized products and solution programs, such as cosmetics, health favorite food, training and etc., which are based on these, are under processing.


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