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Thu May 23

The age of long jacket is gone! Short jacket is about to hit

2018-11-16 17:33:53
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[by Oh Hyeong Jun] We can see a lot of people wearing bubble jacket on the way to work because of the cold weather that doesn’t seem like a fall weather. Among jackets, we can easily spot the long jacket. We believe that the long jacket will continue its fame due to the cold weather for several years.

However, on the other side, people are saying that the age of long jacket is gone and the age of short jacket will come soon. In reality, lots of brands started promotion of short jacket as their main item unlike last year. They have launched the long jacket with high thermos keeping ability due to the expected cold weather; however, they also launched the short jacket products that emphasizes on detail and activity.

We have looked into Red Velvet Joey’s styling, who suggested short jacket fashion style at the new product presentation, and IU’s short stylings at the anonymous brand event with her jacket, so called ‘IU Bubble Jacket’ that has reached high sales. Follow by the expected to see the short jacket phenomenon, two people have styled themselves with short jacket in their own style. Let’s check out which short jacket style will suit you.  


IU have revealed herself at the sports brand event where she is working as a model. She have shown lively charm with bright makeup and pony tail hair. But her beauty was not the only thing that drawn attention. Her bubble jacket also became an issue.

Bubble jacket she is wearing has already been hitting high sales with the name ‘IU Bubble Jacket’. She shown herself at the event wearing it. It is an item that can show cute and retro mood with cobalt blue taping detail and tone down pink color. It is beloved by many with its active friendly wear and short length.

Editor's Pick

If you want to keep the cute and lovely mood while keeping yourself warm, I recommend this item. It is an item that has strength of both bubble jacket and short jacket. You can create cool vibe with any pants or dress. It creates warm vibe with its dumble material on collar and sleeve.

You could think that it may decrease in thermos keeping ability with its short length; however, it could keep you warm from almost every wind and cold with its rich packing material. It is good to have an item with a cute color for the winter where all the clothes are tone down.


Joey revealed herself at the F/W product presentation photo wall of one brand. Her fashion, mix matching of girly dress and casual style short jacket, drawn attention along with her great smile.

Recently, we can frequently see Joey at the fashion event. As she receives lots of compliments from provocative and stylish fashion, her mix match of two items with different characters became an issue. On here, the short outer; short jacket drawn people’s attention. Short jacket have proved itself why it is a hot item: its effect on making your leg longer with its short length and on increasing girly style.

Editor's Pick

It is an item that you can warm both body and mind with its rough but basic style. It keeps you warm while showing off the long leg like Joey; it even makes people who are looking at it warm. It may look bigger than you think but when you look at the side you can check out the cut out detail that still emphasize the body line.

Also, it increase the thermos keeping ability with its high neck feature. Also, they paid attention on the location of pocket. Since it is located a little above the waist, it is easy to keep your hands and belongings in. If you want to keep both warmth and body line, I recommend you to choose this item. (photo by bnt news DB, StyleNanda)


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