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Thu May 23

Beautiful City, Hong Kong

2018-11-21 10:38:48
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[by Kim Hyo Jin] Hong Kong is one of the tourists friendly city due to its well-developed public transit. Especially, tram, goes around the streets of Hong Kong in different color for past 100 years, will provide both unique experience and romantic experience during your time in Hong Kong.

Also, you can enjoy shopping, walking and night light at the Hong Kong’s biggest downtown, Tsim Sha Tsui. The night view from the sky scrapper will provide you a memorable journey. On top of eye candies, let’s look into other beautiful parts of Hon Kong: from street food to tasty culinary destination from all around the world.

Soho, the heaven of shopping

Soho is located in New York, London, Beijing, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong SoHo Street, as popular as New York, is filled with tourists from its fashion street, restaurants, souvenir shop and more. You can find restaurants and bar with great ambiance in any parts of Hong Kong; however, in SoHo, they are somewhat different. PMQ, where new artist sells and display their arts and souvenirs with free admission, has become a hot place in SoHo Street.

Must-see Mid-level escalator

There is a must-visit spot when you visit the Central. It is a Mid-level escalator. It often appeared itself in Hong Kong movies and recently, it was used for background of movie ‘Dark Night’. Mid-level escalator is a public transit built by Hog Kong government and it is a moving walk that connects central and mid-level. It was built to modify the heavy traffic; it has been named on Guinness World Record with its 800m long length and 135m height. About 50,000 people use it daily; since it pass by Hollywood road, cat street, and Manmo temple along the way, it is a must visit site for the tourist.

Korean Style Chicken

Goobne Chicken, where you can enjoy the origin of Chicken and beer. After you look around Hong Kong downtown via Mid-level escalator, you can to eat delicious food. GoobNe Chicken, N0.1 Korean oven roasted chicken, located in Hong Kong Central with clean, spacious and cool interior is a Hong Kong hot place that have attracted locals and tourists. GoobNe chicken is a chicken that has not been fried but been roasted in oven to eliminate its grease. Honey Curry Crispy chicken, a chicken with sweet honey and spice of curry, is popular among everyone with its unique taste. It is a signature menu of Hong Kong Central.

Tsim Sha Tsui, a street for lovers

Tsim Sha Tsui is where 1991 Heritage, Street of Lovers, Street of Stars and other hot spots are located in. Shoppers love Tsiam Sha Tsui for its boutique and luxury brand stores. You can spend great time without buying anything with its glamorous city lights. Also, you can enjoy the special moment from Symphony of Light that held place every night at 8 o’clock. I recommend to watch Tsim Sha Tsui night light show to see the true vision of Hong Kong.(photo by Goobne Chicken, Honk Kong Department of Tourism Official Web Page)


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