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Thu May 23

Cute girls, Twice’s business casual

2018-11-21 11:05:47
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[by Oh Hyeong Jun] Twice have come back to Korean stage for the third time. After conquering spring K-pop world with 5th mini album “What is Love?” in April, they have become summer queen with second special album “Summer Nights” in July. After that, they became cute cool girl with new mini album “YES or YES”; continuing their 10th consecutive hit relay.

Now they have drawn attention to everything they do by conquering Korea and Japan; now their business casual fashion for this album become an issue. Twice, who now debuted for 4 years, have been improving their fashion outside of the stage.

We have gathered recommending items similar to ones that shine their beauty during their commute on November 9th for the first on-air show, KBS ‘Music Bank’.


Cheyoung, unlike her cute and pretty image who likes to wear chic and sophisticated clothes, finalized her image with natural style leather jacket. She gave point to overall monotone look clothing with leather jacket with natural wrinkles, gray jean and yellow color inner wear.

If you are looking for leather jacket similar to Cheyoung, I recommend this product. You can create vibe just like Cheyoung with its vintage style gloss and natural wrinkle. It is also comfortable to be active with its light weight and wide width.

Also it is good with any pants and skirt with its appropriate length that comes down to the pelvic. Since it is too cold to wear it alone as an outer, it will be good to wear as inner wear underneath to thick winter outer to get both warmth and style.


Twice’s oldest, Nayeon, caught people’s attention by matching dark beige color turtle neck and wine color corduroy pants. She showed off contradicting style with simple style top and strong bottom.

There are couple materials you can only wear during winter and one of them is corduroy. Black and brown color give classic vibe; however, nowadays, unique colors such as pink and blue complete warm and unique style by meeting with corduroy material.

This corduroy pants also have broaden its winter styling option with multiple colors such as ivory, mustard, and indie pink. It makes your lower body longer with high weight styled straight fitting pants. It is going to be must have item for winter daily look with its strong thermo-keeping ability with its thick material.


Twice’s youngest, Tsui, who gets prettier every day, strengthen her maturity and seasonality with check patterned jacket. She showed the essence of fall fashion by matching the brown color check patterned jacket with denim pants.

Now it is the time to have thick winter jacket with heavier vibe than fall jacket. Let’s look into this item that has compact hound tooth check pattern. It adds warmth with wool material and strengthen mannish style with boxy silhouette.

You can maximize the mannish mood by matching the formal looking black slacks and by adding news boy cap. If you want to have luxurious and warm feeling jacket, don’t hesitate and choose this item. (photo by bnt news DB, StyleNanda)


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