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Anti-Aging Massage for 3040

2018-11-28 10:13:46
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[by Hwang So Hee] The biggest enemy for maintaining beautifulness, aging, as time goes, it is natural to getting old, but feels frustrated about daily deterioration on appearance. It begins at 20s and it fastens up from 30s and it sometimes brings depression.

As a result, there are many people put great effort on anti-aging as way to get old healthier way. Especially, wrinkle is hard to recover, so preventing wrinkle is more important and anti-age massage is very helpful.

Facial skin loses its tension as ages, but V-line massage can slow-down on getting wrinkles.
From bottom to up, follow the chin line and apply slight stimulation. Repetitive application will relax facial muscle and helps to maintain tension on face. Pushing muscle on side of chin which uses to chew food can be helpful as well.

To bring up the facial tone up, temporal massage is effective. Spot front of the ear that has sink hole when you open your mouth is also great spot to massage to activate facial blood circulation.

Temporal massage is also good for wrinkle surrounding eyes but, in this case, massage not only temporal but also muscle around temporal is the key. Chin line can be sharper if you massage end of the chin, bottom of the ear.

Facial massage can help blood circulation temporarily, so if you want to recover, getting help from professional agent who can give expert help would be better choice.

Dr. June-sung Bae of JK plastic surgery clinic who is known for anti-aging care advised “To maintain healthy skin and appearance, continuous care and effort is must, but receiving medical help such as facial lifting would be great help to recover skin health drastically.”   

Dr. Bae also said “For those who are struggling with wrinkle and suffered from severe aging, facial lifting can be answer. Everyone has different shape and type of skin, so counseling with expert and find right way to apply right treatment is essential.”

Dr. Bae’s JK plastic surgery clinic was awarded by Gangnam-gu for its effort on foreign patients and it proves that JK clinic has earned broad trust and reputation among foreign customers. The clinic also has system called ‘One-stop surgery and checking’ which provides accurate body check, health status, and diagnosis. Professional pain anesthesia medical doctor is always present in clinic, furthermore US FED, Standard 209D is applied on surgery room. CPR team and emergency kit is also ready to go and those are all prepared for patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt News DB)


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