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Thu May 23

‘Sin Seo yu gi’ Hong Kong Tour

2018-11-28 10:47:55
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[by Kim Hyo Jin] tvN ‘Sin seo yu gi’ has continued till season 6 and maintaining its popularity. Especially season 5 episodes that broadcasted on October, revealed great food and tour contents in Hong Kong with member’s witness.

Big bus tour

Big bus tour that enables to discover every corner of the Hong Kong. Cool double decker bus runs all famous Hong Kong’s tourism spots. Bus is distinguished by courses. red for the Hong Kong island course, blue for nine dragons course, green for the Stanley course and the purple for the night-sight course.

The course that ‘Sin seo yu gi’ members took was order of the Victoria harbor, Canton road, Temple Street, and Mongkok. Members in ghost costumes greeted people on the street, but people freaked out of their weird appearance and it gave huge laughter to viewers.

Repulse Bay

Jiwon Eun and Minho Song took pictures and had a meal in the Repulse bay. Repulse bay beach where is located at the one of the richest area in Hong Kong was also introduced in the show. French style steamed mussel, lobster cake, and steak was served to them. Great view and Great food is present at the Repulse bay.

You are available to walk and swim like Jiwon and Minho showed in the show. If you are exhausted from same routinized life, then strongly recommend visiting. Especially, local people visit the Repulse bay to relax and to suntan.


Place where you can find the best night-sight in the Hong Kong. Wancai is located in northern area of Hong Kong, and the most developed and crowded place. Wancai is also the Mecca of shopping, moreover balance between modernized shopping street and traditional local market.

Cheap and great food is another attraction that the Wancai provides to visitors. Pio and Jaehyun Ahn visited and showed ‘Muk Bang’ which refers to eating show. If you are planning free tour in the Hong Kong, then Chow Mein, and Ha Gaau Dimsum are recommendable food to try.


6 members continuous Muk Bang. The Hong Kong is known for not only shopping or night-sight but also great food. Especially the Hong Kong style Jajangmyen and wonton that Hodong and Sugeun loved are representing foods of the Hong Kong.

Additionally, you can find taste of Korea that world loves in the Hong Kong. No.1 Oven roasted chicken brand ‘Goobne Chicken’ central branch located at the Hong Kong central has become one of the Hong Kong’s hot places. The ‘Goobne Chicken’ roasts their chicken instead deep frying which can reduce down oiliness of the chicken, moreover, their honey and curry flavored ‘Honey curry basasak chicken’ is the signature menu of the ‘Goobne Chicken’ central branch. (photo by Goobne Chicken, tvN ‘Sin Seo yu gi’ 5’ capture)


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