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Thu May 23

Floating make up? The answer is differing foundation by skin type!

2018-11-28 11:00:41
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[by Hwang So Hee] Thermometer is no longer above 32F in the morning. Sharp wind makes us can’t stop turning off the heater indoor. The Heater heats body up but the skin gets dry as a return.

Sudden drop of temperature and the dry heater really damages skin and it affect condition of daily make up. You need to pay attention if it gets worse even if you are putting enough effort on hydration on both body and skincare.

Floating and breaking of makeup is usually caused by wrong foundation for your skin. like Dry type, oily type, and hybrid type have different way to conduct basic skin care, they also need to differ makeup with different products those have different textures. Let’s complete floating-free makeup with matching foundation products.

>> Cream Foundation

Cream foundation works outstanding for natural makeup. It is exceptionally good for hydration. Moreover, it gives watery but not oily texture, so matches for dry type skin.

Clear the face equally with makeup base first, and then uses sponge or brush off the skin as touch. If you slightly soak the sponge, then you can present natural watery shine.


3CE Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation has light and soft texture and it covers roughness and hides blemish. Beligium Spa water that can hydrate skin from inside, Vitamin tree oil that has sufficient anti-oxidation material, and natural barrier complex that gives shininess to dry skin completes smooth and healthy skin

>> Stick Foundation

Skin Foundation is portable, holding makeup tight, easily applicable for makeup fixation. Because it can hold makeup tight, so covers blemish perfectly. Oily type skin has problem in holding makeup because the oiliness breaks the makeup. Stick foundation has strong holding ability, so it matches to oily type skin. The stick foundation is also alternative for concealer because it covers blemish perfectly. It keeps hydration inside but clean outside, so it helps to maintain makeup for longer period.


3CE Layer Covering Stick Foundation is not rough but smoothly applicable because of it soft melting texture, but it tightly attaches to skin which enable to cover clearly. Centellar, portulaca material calms down skin that became sensitive from damage from outside and it helps to present comfortable skin makeup.

>> Cushion Foundation

Cushion Foundation is a compulsory item in a woman’s pouch because it satisfies both hydration and covering ability. Moreover, it is easy to use. Cushion Foundation that the most of the people uses can be used clearly without making mess, so often time used as fixation fact.

Superior in keep hydration, so perfect matches to dry type skin. It completes makeup freshly, so prevents floating. Dry skin, oily skin and even hybrid skin can utilize without problem and no chunks even if you apply multiple times.


3CE White Milk Cushion helps maintaining hydrated and fresh skin all day with soft milk cream texture. It is neither sticky nor oily, moreover continuously applicable because it doesn’t make chunks from multiple appliance.


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