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Thu May 23

The best match! Completion of IU’s fashion is the ‘Hat’

2018-11-28 11:06:23
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[by Oh Hyeong Jun] IU, debuted with song ‘MIA’ in 2008 and known for the ‘Good day’, ‘You and I’, and the ‘Night letter’, faces 10th anniversary of her debut. She is celebrating her special year by continuing 10th anniversary concerts and single album ‘Bbi Bbi’.

IU is also famous for friendly intercommunication with her fandom. She often shares her daily life on social media and it reveals her fashionable sense of coordination.

The most eye-catching fashion item that IU shows is ‘hat’. In MVs, concerts, photo shoots, and even private time, it is not that difficult to find various unique and fashionable hats which she puts on. Let’s take a look of hats that shines even more up of her cute and adorable figure.


IU released her 10th anniversary commemorative single album ‘Bbi Bbi’. Creative sequence of choreography led trend in dance with nickname of the dance as ‘Insider dance’ which refers to dance for trendy people. Furthermore, she conquered the 1st rank of television music shows and online music charts.

The MV of ‘Bbi Bbi’ presents various concepts and outfits, but the leopard beret was one of the most remarkable fashion item. Trend of this season is leopard pattern and IU successfully melted the trend down into her outfits in MV by wearing leopard jacket and beret. It is possible to give a vibe that can be considered as ‘too much’ on leopard, but the beret amplified IU’s cuteness and loveliness.

If you desire IU’s cute leopard beret, then we strongly recommend the product on the right side. It gives simple look with one point and is very attractive. Additionally, it gives warm vibe from the texture of fur. It can be interpreted either street style, or classical style and perfect item for a coordination that needs a ‘kick’.

#Dumble bucket hat

7th of November, IU uploaded a selfie with message says, “Be aware of fine dust today!”. Deeply put on bucket hat and mask covered her face but delivers her attraction. Especially, the bucket hat made with dumble material is also trend with leopard pattern this season and it gives casual vibe and expresses seasonality. As she worried her fans, it looked like a ‘need’ to overcome fine dust and can protect from sharp wind from winter.

The shaggy texture can be felt like little excessive, but the dumble bucket hat matches well with any looks. The recommended item is reversible, so practical and warm. Enough thickness of the material might make this item as requirement for winter.

#Beret & News boy cap

A black colored beret appears on IU’s SNS feed quite often. It seems emphasizing her baby face. An item that gives cute and classical vibe into normal look. Moreover, the beret gives younger vibe into people who have baby face and cuteness to people who don’t have baby face, so the beret can be crucial in young styling.

Another Item that can be utilized like the beret is News boy cap. It has more boyish than the beret, so good for casual style. The recommended product contains 80% of wool material which makes it thermal. It has been released in 7 colors that gives more choices in different looks. (photo by IU Instagram, Stylenanda)


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