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Wed Jun 26

Twice’s fashion styles in Twice Instagram?

2018-12-07 15:19:56
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[by Oh Hyeong jun] Twice recorded triple hits by releasing ‘Yes or Yes’ on November 5 after ‘What is love’ in April and ‘Dance The Night Away’ in July. It recently finished its activity of ‘Yes or Yes’ while it reached a milestone.

It surely showed the girl group’s look as a communication queen meeting the fans through various channels including You Tube content, signing events as well as the stages even this activity. Especially, it answered the fans’ curiosity about the backstage by making public twice who was active though SNS including Instagram and Twitter even in this activity.

Especially, its fashion styles attracted the gaze of fashion people as its fashion sense of fall and winter can be seen because it was active in November. Let’s check its fashion styles and apply them to our daily look as it shows its distinctive styles all the time like the hottest girl group.


Twice gained the honors of a champion song with ‘Yes Or Yes’ in ‘Show Champion’, the MBC music show on November 4. Jihyo posted a picture on her Instagram, saying, “Thank you for making us No. 1 today, Once. I am very much for being people who are loved thanks to Once.” The members went through a lot and were exhausted because of many things to do while we prepared this album. It’s the day that we think we must work harder thanks to Once! Thank you today. Let’s work harder tomorrow!!! Yeah.

Her splendid costumes caught your eyes with her sincere message. She displayed her refined and fascinating magnetism by wearing subduedly glittering and impressive mockneck knit and drop-styled pearl earrings.

If you need Jihyo’s refined and glittering top, the right item is recommended. Soft and comfortable velvet that subdued gloss is stylish makes your look more refined. It considered wearability with the comfortable thickness and neck height. It goes with formal pants to make you chick. And it causally goes with denim or corduroy pants.


Dahyun received a positive response by showing two-tone purplish hair in this activity. She uploaded the photo that she wore long padded jacket which is similar to her hair color and posed under a tree. She completed beautiful look as her hair well harmonizes with her clothes like a set.

And the fallen leaves with a distinct atmosphere of fall and her wonderful pose made the photo brighter. She showed casual and lively look of late fall as her style consists of a light purple long padded jacket, red top, denim skirt, and ankle boots.

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#Sana & Chaeyoung

Sana posted a photo on her Instagram on 16th, saying “Ah, Gosh, What’s with ‘LOL’?  Chaeyoung first posted this on her SNS earlier than me.. hhh Jihyo knitted a muffler for my birthday present. Hhh. I love it….. kkkkkk Ah, Chaeyoung… kkkkk Thank you, Jihyo!”

Sana who smiles brightly wearing the muffler from Jihyo makes you guess their strong friendship. For your information, another posting contains the reference that Chaeyoung’s hat was made by Mina. So this photo makes you feel their sweetness. You can find cozy and sensible knit items which emphasize their cuteness more.

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