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Sun Aug 18

Various dishes you can taste in Hong Kong, which is a world food hub

2018-12-13 13:50:17
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[by Kim Hyojin] Hong Kong is the hub of world food. Hong Kong is a world class tourist attraction as shown in the fact that it is nominated as the top100 t world tourists’ attractions for foreign tourist. As many foreign travelers visit Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a lot of local foods and other various styles of foods.

If you have already visited Hong Kong, why don’t you make the travel of gourmet to Hong Kong? Let’s start a daily meal with English food in the morning, and then have Thai dish for the lunch and the exotic Mediterranean food for dinner. You would taste a lot of various foods ranging from Himalayas to Andes, from Scandinavia to Southeast Asia.

Halal and vegetable food

In Hong Kong, there are Halal restaurants for the Muslim residents and travelers. In addition, as there are many restaurants for vegetarians, any vegan can have one meal without any trouble. There are also the restaurants which specialize in the temple food, vegetable foods cooked in Chinese style or Indian restaurant providing the Indian food which has developed vegetable foods. So, I recommend you to enjoy them.

Fine dining

Hong Kong has a lot of world class chefs and restaurants. Hong Kong is a city which received the Michelin star for the first time in China or the second time in Asia. Currently, there are more than 60 restaurants having Michelin stars in Hong Kong, and at least one restaurant in Hong Kong is always ranked as one of the best Asian restaurants. Not only the delicious food but also the beautiful decoration which is product of the fantastic awards would help you to more enjoy the food.

Food truck

When you loiter around streets or visit famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong and get hungry, you can enjoy the food at the food trucks. There are the food trucks running around Hong Kong and they are located at the popular places such as Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai, Event Plant, Harbor Front in Central, Ocean Park, Salisbury Garden, and Art Square. The detailed places can be checked through the food truck applications.

Korean chicken

Chicken is not only popular in Korea but also around the world. Oven grilled chicken which is not fried but grilled has attracted the foreigners due to its good taste. Goobne Chicken, which is Korea’s No. 1 oven grilled chicken brand is located in Central, Tseung Kwan O and Causeway Bay. You can enjoy various menus including the crunchy and sweet Goobne Honeycurry Basasak Chicken, Hot Pepper Basasak Chicken which has the hot taste, Soy garlic chicken having sweet and salty taste. In addition, as there are the Korean dishes available such as dalgyalmali, cheese tteokbokki, dakkoji, cheolpan cheese and kimchee bokkeumap, cheolpan cheese bulgogi bokkeumbap and others, the local residents consider them as the hot places for food. (photo by Goobne Chicken, official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board)


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