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Prescription for the damaged skin in the rough winter weather

2018-12-13 15:10:13
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 [by Hwang Sohee] Under the severe cold weather across the nation, people tend to crouch in the heavy clothes. In the dry and severe cold weather, the skin disorders are rampant. Therefore, it is important for people to take care of their skin with moisturization.

As the skin is irritated by the heating device which is used to keep warm and prevent the drying, it is easy for the skin to get into trouble such as skin dry, pruritus, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. So, people need to take special care of their skin.

For the skin which is subject to the dryness due to the dry winter climate, it is important to minimize the use of heating equipment and keep the indoor get the proper humidity. What is the most important is to give the moisturization to the skin which is severely devoid of the moisture.

>> Immediate supply of moisture

As the skin suffers from cold wind in the outside and the heat coming out of the heater in the indoor, it is easy for skin to lose the moisture. So, it is good to provide the skin with moisture by using the water mist. If the mist is not properly absorbed into the skin after sprayed, the moisture in the skin may also be evaporated. Therefore, it is critical to use the product having the excellent absorption.

It is also critical to tap the skin with hand once the water mist is sprayed over the skin so that the moisture is fully put on the skin and put deep into the skin. If the mist is sprayed over the skin prior to and after the make-up, it can subside the make-up and keep it strong.


3CD mystery water is made of the ceramide NP which puts the moisture into every corner of skin and the essence mist filled with the sufficient nutrients of Avocado. As it adopts the safe pressurized air and the pump made in Europe, the fine and lightweight particles like fog are uniformly put over the skin, thus completing the elastic and glossy skin.

>> Supply of moisture deep into the skin

If you often spray the mist but the dryness does not get solved, it means that there is the lack of water in the skin. If the mist, mask pack or moisture cream does not provide the skin with moisture or transfer the water deep into the skin, it is useless.

To fill the inside and outside of the skin with the full moisture, it is good to use the moisture essence. If you want to convey the moisture deep into the skin, why don’t you use the fine text product which has no stimulant but has good absorption.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO GLOSSY ESSENCE is filled with the milk energy which fills the skin with moisture and make the skin glossy. The milk texture provides the skin with the nutrients. As it contains the milk protein extracts, panthenol, vitamin E derivative and kakao seed butter, it realizes the non-sticking dual moisturization.

>> Strengthening the moisture barrier

In the dry and cold winter weather, the skin barrier is easy to collapse. So, it is important to get the strong moisturization. It is critical to keep the skin health enough to resist any external stimulant by keeping the moisture inside and outside of the skin.

To subside the dryness and convey the water deep into the skin, it is good to use the mask pack which is excellent to keep the water. Attach the mask pack for 10-15 minutes and then remove the pack. The remaining essence shall be tapped with the hand so that it is well absorbed into the skin.


3CE BACK TO BABY MASK #ULTRA MOIST is the mask pack which focuses on the deep cleansing and the moisture. It is the two-step mask in which the scrubbing pad removes the waste from the skin and the moist barrier essence supplies the dry skin with moisture. As it contains the hyaluronic acid, it helps to make the elastic and voluminous skin.


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