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Traveling Tsim Sha Tsui on walk

2018-12-20 12:51:10
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[by Kim Hyojin] It would be a good way to travel in a car. But how about traveling on walk with sufficient time? Finding out the way to someplace on a map on his/her own way and sometimes being confused of the way would be also the critical factors which would make the travel more exciting. Hong Kong was selected as the best tourist attraction by foreign travelers. In Hong Kong, it is fun to visit every corner or alley.

Especially, in Tsim Sha Tsui which is one of the most crowded places in Hong Kong and is located near Victory Bay at the southern tip of Kowloon, there are a lot of high-class hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, small shops, and street vendors that you can enjoy at once. As there are many attractions harmonized well with their unique attractiveness, it is good to make a tour around on walk rather than on any other means.

Clock Tower

This clock tower is the landmark of Tsim Sha Tsui and is located at the end of walk path of Tsim Sha Tsui. If you visit it during day time, you would be surprised at its grand architectural design. If you visit it during night time, you would get better view as it gets the splendid lighting. Especially, across the clock tower, there is the famous site for night view where you can watch the laser show starting at 8:00 pm every day.

Heritage 1881

This is the oldest government building remaining in Hong Kong. This building has been used as the head office of Hong Kong Coast Guard. Then, the building was renovated to be born as a new shopping mall. As its look is good for photographing and the interior changes every day with new theme, you can get new feel whenever you visit here.

Harbor City

Here is the place where the shopping and good views can be obtained at the same time. As this has high-class shops with high-end brands, this is a must for any person who likes the shopping. In addition, as this has splendid harbor view, you can make a shopping and take a rest with beverages.

Good restaurants

If you walk around, you may feel hungry. At Goobne chicken shop, which brand is no. 1 oven grilled chicken in Korea and is located near the Tsim Sha Tsui Station, you can taste the Korean cuisine in Hong Kong. As it has various menus such as sweet Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken, hot Pepper Basasak Chicken, sweet Soy Garlic Chicken and others, even the foreigners who do not like the chicken can enjoy it along with the local residents and tourists. If you remove your travel stresses with the chicken and beer, you can enjoy better tours until you return to your country. (photo by Goobne Chicken, Heritage 1881, official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board)


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