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Following the make-ups of heroines such as Park Shinhye, Song Hyegyo and Jang Nara

2018-12-20 13:07:12
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[by Hwang Sohee] It is not easy to go out due to the severe cold winter. In this cold winter time, it would be a good way to spend time by watching dramas in a room. I have collected the television dramas which make our eyes and ears happy.

We should not miss the heroines from the popular dramas having good viewer rating. The heroines in the dramas get a lot of spotlight and lead the trend with their fashion and beauty style.

Let’s check out the make-up of heroines appearing in the popular dramas having various topics and stories including tvN dramas “Memory at Alhambra Palace” and “Boy friend”, and SBS drama “Empress’ Prestige”.

 The tvN drama “Memory at Alhambra Palace” casted with Park Shinhye and Hyun Bin describe a story in which a male protagonist who is the representative of an investment company visits Granada, Spain due to the businesses and stay at a cheapie hotel operated by the heroine who was formerly a guitarist and they get involved in a weird incident.

Park Shinhye, who plays a role of Jung Heeju who is a former guitarist and current hostel owner is characterized with her transparent make-up which looks as if she did not wear any make-up. Instead of the dark color, she uses the light pink lipstick to get the most clean and clear skin tone. Let’s remove the eye make-up but improves the eyelid with make-up.

tvN drama “Boy friend” got the hot spotlight prior to the start of its broadcasting due to the cast of Song Hyegyo and Park Bogeom as the main characters. This is a romance drama which starts with the random meeting between Cha Suhyeon who have not lived her own life of choice and Kim Jinhyeok who has the free and clear soul. Song Hyegyo and Park Bogeom are cast as the role of Cha Suhyeon and Kim Jinhyeok respectively, showing the good performance in the drama.

Song Hyegyo who plays the role of Cha Suhyeon, who is a representative of DongAh Hotel and has good brain is characterized by the urban and elegant make-up. Her make-up point is the distinctive eyeline with refined arch type eyelid and soft brown eyeline instead of dark color. Lastly, her make-up is completed with the coral lip which gives her the soft attraction.

Based on the virtual environment of an ancient kingdom, BSB drama “Empress’ Prestige” is a story on a musical actress who became a person like Cinderella, and married to an emperor and fight against the absolute power in the palace and after the murder accident of the king’s mother, destroys the royal family to get the true love and happiness.

In the drama “Empress’ Prestige” which shows the highest viewer rating and the ongoing high trend, Jang Nara shows the beautiful and impeccable Hanbok make-up. Characterized by the unique elegance and amicable attractiveness, Jang Nara is peculiar with the make-up which shows the distinct harmony between eye, nose, ear and mouth. Let’s fill the line with the eyeline, emphasize the eye shape by extending the line backward and use the mascara to get the eyelash. If the eyebrow is emphasized with the color brown and the lip and cheeks are put with the soft pink, the perfect make-up is made.

The change of image may be obtained with the attractive make-up like a heroine in a drama. But there may be some lacks for perfect changes. Especially for a person who has double eyelid, if the random double eyelid is made, the person would look artificial or the protuberant parts of the eyelids may sag. If you have the eye shape which cannot be complemented with the make-up or you need more satisfactory effect, why don’t you try to get the advice from doctors?

If you have problems with no-double eyelid or the protuberant part of the eye (due to fats), or you are in trouble with the double eyelid on one side of the eye only, the surgery may be one option. Doctor Baek Hyewon at JK Plastic Surgery (medical doctor in plastic surgery) said, “there are many people who want the double eyelids. If they have the fat protuberant part of the eye or sharp eyeline, it would be hard to get the satisfactory result with the change in the make-up. If you are not satisfied with the change in make-up or other methods, it would be better for you to get advice from the doctors who specialize in the double eyelid.

 The method of surgery for double eyelid is determined depending on the type of eye shape. If there is the fat protuberant part of eye, the cutting would be made to get the thick and small eye. For the small eye, the burial method may be adopted for simple surgery. If the eyeline goes upward or has the sobbing look, the surgery is available which is proper such as back slit method or cutting method.

Doctor Baek Hyewon said, “With the appearance of various make-up methods, there are people who tried to complement their complexes but did not get the satisfactory results, thus coming to a hospital. If you want to get the clear and beautiful eyeline, you need to consult with the doctor on what type of eye you have prior to the start of surgery in order to get the perfect eyeline.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is a hospital to which many foreign patients trust and visit for the operation and which gets awarded with many prized for attracting many foreign patients. By using the one-stop pre-operative examination, it puts priority on the accurate analysis and diagnosis of the patient’s health. There are always the specialists in anesthesia and in preparation for the emergency, there are the CRP team, emergency kit, UPS in preparation for power outage, patient controlled analgesia, CRM monitoring system and others for the patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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