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Wed Jun 26

No side effect of Henna! Tip on dye for the image change in this winter

2018-12-20 13:17:22
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[by Hwang Sohee] There has been an increase in the cases showing the side effects of Henna. Henna is the item which is favored by people who wants to get the healthy dye though it is more expensive than general dyes. Henna is a dye which is made when the leaf of a tropical tree called Henna (Lawsonia inermis L.) is dried and ground into powder for dye.

People have used that a lot as a dye as they think that the dye would be less hazardous to their body than general dyes because it is made of vegetable property. But it is not always safe though it is made of vegetable materials because even the vegetable materials cause the allergy depending on the physical state of people. Actually, there have been a lot of cases of side effects such as skin rashes, itches or color changes. Therefore, it is critical to check out the ingredient of the dye and make the patch test to ensure that it does not cause any rash, itch or blister prior to the start of use.

If you have kept the unfashionable hair style this winter, why don’t you try the dye which has colors ranging from brown which makes the cool and pure image to the dark brown which makes the chick and urban mood for your dye hair style?

>> Bright brown which makes your face bright

If you keep your hair style in dark black during the winter, your mood may be generally darkened due to the hair having no gloss. Let’s try the brow dye to give healthy gloss to your hair for the improvement of the mood.

It would be good to dye your hair by using the light brown to change your image to the chic feel. The hair having the golden color would make you get the innocent attraction as well as the soft and warm image.

>> Cool and urban color: dark brown

If you want to get the chic and urban mood, I recommend you to adopt the dark brown as it maximizes the cool attractiveness. The dark brown is proper for anyone whether the person has warm tone or cool skin tone without getting any burden for the change in the style.

The dark brown can complete the rough and damaged hair as it makes the face brighter. If the dye is kept in the dark brown, you will be tired of it and be removed from the burden of frequent dyeing.

>> Check list Checklist prior to dyeing

In the winter time, people may get susceptible to static electricity shock and the tangled hair due to the ultimate dryness. Therefore, it is important to try the change in the styling after checking the scalp and hair prior to the start of dyeing. The aging of hair gets accelerated and damages to the hair are made during the winter. Therefore, if the more irritating dye is used, it would be hard for the damaged hair and scalp to be recovered.

In selecting the dye, it is critical to choose a product which has soft ingredient which is not irritating as it directly contacts with the scalp and hair. If the hair is likely to be damaged due to the frequent dyeing, discoloring and perm, you should take more care of it. Especially, in case of self-dyeing, there can happen the side effect. So, make sure to make the patch test prior to the start of dyeing.

>> Natural dyeing

You may be hesitant of using Henna dye as it has many side effects recently due to its damages to scalp and hair. In that case, why don’t you try the natural dye as you need not to be afraid of the damage and side effect of the dye. “Be Nature” which specializes in the manufacture of natural dye, is the less irritating dye as it contains the natural extracts. Therefore, you can dye the prematurely graying hair or manage the damaged hair with the natural hair color for image change.

By minimizing the damage to the hair, this dye protects the scalp and hair and dye the hair in a healthy way. In addition, by blending the herb tea prescription and the herb tea with the pigment, it provides you with the water dye for the healthy scalp.

Especially, the dye of this brand uses the natural thickener containing the starch, flour or bean, it reinforces the subsiding and rejuvenating power and minimizes the side effect of the dyeing. “Be Nature” which is the different property from the conventional dyes would help you to take care of your scalp and hair as it can make not only the dye but also control of the scalp. (photo by bnt news DB, Ecomine, Be Influenced by Nature)


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