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Sat Jun 06

Sunmi - Cheongha, what are the diva’s airport fashion that heated 2018?

2019-01-04 16:10:27
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[by Oh Hyeongjun] Sunmi and Cheongha have visited Incheon airport to participate in ‘2018 Mnet Asian Music Award’ that glamorously shined the end of this year. Two people, who have positioned themselves to continue the heritage of Uhm Junghwa and Lee Hyori, have similar airport fashion.

Sunmi, who made 2018 her year by positioning herself to be the outstanding female singer, showed herself at the airport in black bomber jacket. Cheongha, who is building her career as solo female singer with Sunmi, showed herself in black bomber coat.

There are somethings that hot female singers have in common. We have looked into Sunmi and Cheongha’s styling of choosing black color bomber jacket. Why don’t we do ourselves a favor to look ‘hot’ in year 2019 by referring to hot people of 2018’s bomber jacket style.

If we have to choose the hottest female artist of 2018, that would be Sunmi. Since she enjoyed great popularity not only in Korea but also in all over the globe, she have visited airport many times. Sunmi draw lots of attention by showing styling that is comfortable and witty.

This time she showed an all-black look in black color bomber jacket, stripe half-neck shirt and black skinny jean. She draw attention with black long hair and red lip color’s contrast; she also gave a pointer with navy color bag at the bottom to draw one more attention. She has reminded us her typical airport fashion.

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It covers cold and wind completely with fur inside from neck line to the end of sleeve. You can utilize it like muffler if you close the button all the way up to neck line. Just like the one Sunmi is wearing, its short length that falls to pelvic gives better proportion effect.


Cheongha, who have been recording constant hit with ‘Roller coaster’ and ‘Love You’, positioned to be next generation female solo singer with various collaboration albums received invitation to ‘2018 mama’. Cheongha and Sunmi showed their unique charm with similar and different look at the airport.

Sunmi and Cheongha both showed themselves in long black hair and bomber jacket but unlike Sunmi, Cheongha loosen up a little with nude tone lipstick and gave different look with long bomber’s coat. Inner wear also she chose sport brand t-shirt and denim pants to emphasize the casual vibe and finished the look with chic long boots. It was the elegant but casual airport fashion.

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