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Sat Jun 06

Friendliness is the charm! Stars who communicate with their fans

2019-01-04 16:15:16
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Seeing starts just on the TV is now just an old past. There has been increasing numbers of stars who communicate with their fans through Social media live stream, video upload and other communication method. Since it is easier to use smart phone, we tend to expose ourselves to different contents through mobile when we have time than watching drama on certain time. Thus, wouldn’t it be an opportunity for stars to meet more of their fans through social media?

Unlike on TV and drama, stars have been making themselves more related by showing friendly image just like friends or siblings; they are not afraid to talk to viewers via comments. If may felt far away but maybe they are trying to get closer to their fans step by step. Let’s look into the stars who are trying to meet their fans outside of the box.

Park Boyeong

Social media where everyone in the country is on; however, actress Park Boyeong is one of the stars who doesn’t have their own social media account. However, instead of sharing her life through social media, she chose to share and tell her story through live streaming. She have been growing with her fans by sharing her episodes and Q&A sessions from her fan page on website. Recently, Park Boyeong, who have been selected for Goobne chicken’s model, have received lots of love by showing her unique lovely and friendly image through commercial. She also draw consumers’ attention with her lively expression and various facial expressions that show how delicious chicken could be.

Shin Sekyeong

Actress Shin Sekyeong has a channel that has more than 500k subscribers. Her video of cooking and baking shows different side of her: friendly image that is just like any other friends we have unlike her usual image of not eating enough food to maintain her body line. Not only that, she received positive reviews from views that the videos are almost like healing because she shared her daily life like a picture diary such as her getting makeup and going to a gallery. Also, she shared her ambition of not selling her personal channel to others on one tv program; she has increase her fans expectation by showing her love for the channel.

Kang Min Kyeong

Kang Min Kyeong, who is part of recognized female vocal group DAVICHI. Because of her talented fashion sense, she have received tons of questions from fans inquiring where she got her outfit. Kang Min Kyeong, who has impressive number of social media followers, also launched her personal video channel to share her makeup routine and daily life. Especially, she personally inserted English subtitle for the international fans to promote communication with her international fans. Kang Min Kyeong have recorded high number of views with her video playing with her dog Whogee and her live singing video. (photo by GoobNe Chicken, Park Boyeong V live, Shin Sekyeong Youtube channel, Kang Min Kyeong Youtube Channel, Capture)


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