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Wed Jun 26

If you want to have a baby face, you should start with the hair style

2019-01-11 15:33:23
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[by Hwang So Hee] Our happiness with the new year become short lived when we realized that we are getting old and have the aging face, with our pride in the look getting lowered. As people are more interested in the baby face, there is a trend pursing the “down-aging” to get back the youth.

Accordingly, people are more interested in the anti-aging treatments such as Botox, filler or others. The elastic skin may be an important element in keeping the baby face. But what is more important is the hair style having a lot of hairs. It is because if you have less hair or hair loss, you may look older.

If you want to be born again with baby face, you had better check out your health of scalp. If the elasticity of scalp gets weak, it would not only negatively affect the face skin but also make the hair get thinner or lost, thus making you look older.

To get good hair style and prevent the hair loss, the right shampooing is important as the protection of scalp. The waste accumulated on the scalp may clog the pore on the scalp and helps the bacteria to grow, thus preventing the growth of hair and damaging the scalp. Therefore, it is important to shampoo your hair in the evening rather than in the morning. It would be better for you to comb your hair prior to the start of shampooing.

Soak the scalp and hair with lukewarm water rather than hot water which may stimulate the sebaceous gland before making the foam with a little volume of shampoo and softly massaging the scalp. If the scalp is scraped with nail, the scalp may be irritated. Therefore, make sure to take precaution in shampooing. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner are not left on the scalp.

When drying the hair, make sure to dry it with the cool wind rather than hot wind. It is because if the hot wind contacts the scalp, it would take away the oil or moisture from the scalp. Once the hair is dried, make sure to massage the scalp as that would facilitate the blood circulation on the scalp and help the hair to grow.

What is important along with the right shampooing is to improve the diet in a way that the nutrient can be conveyed to the scalp and hair. If you do not get the proper nutrients due to the strict diet or you get a lot of oily foods, your scalp and hair may not get the proper nutrient, thus resulting in the hair loss.

The main ingredient of the hair is the protein called the keratin and is made of the moisture and melanin color. It is good to get the sufficient vitamin and mineral nutrients including the protein to keep the scalp and hair healthy. Therefore, it is imperative that you eat the bean, egg, cheese or meat removed of oil as well as green vegetable, fruits and sea foods. If you take the oily food having high calories or the food containing the excessive sugar or hot and salty food, that would lead to the hair loss.

For the health of scalp and hair, the right shampooing method and the improvement in the diet are required. But if the hair loss is ongoing, more active professional solution method is required. Depending on the form of the hair loss such as men’s hair loss, women’s hair loss, or circular hair loss, the cause of hair shall be found out such as hair loss on the top, M-shaped hair loss, hair loss on the bang to get the proper treatment.

Park So Yeon, president of Saha Store, Haesol Scalp Clinic which is well known as the Busan Hair Loss, Busan Scalp, and Busan Scalp Scaling, said, “If you feel any problem in your scalp or hair or you suffer the hair loss, it would be hard to solve it with the change in the life style. In that case, it would be necessary to visit the professional scalp clinic to solve the problems such as hair loss.”

Saha Store, Haesol Scalp Clinic specializes in restoring the health and beautiful look of scalp and hair by completing the Haesol Scalp Management System with the knowhow accumulated for 19 years at Scalp Management Center. It controls the scalp and hair with the professional system depending on the type of hair loss and based on the technology of Ecomine, it provides the customers with various solutions including the curing of the scalp trouble and hair loss and the high functional scalp care containing the natural energy.

On the other hand, this clinic operates many chain stores around the nation and provides the customers with the Korean style scalp management system and the professional management based on the knowhow accumulated from the operation of Clinical Center for 19 years as the trichologist. (photo by bnt news DB, Ecomine)


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