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Wed Jun 26

Who encourages you to get the short cut hair style?

2019-01-11 14:56:25
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[by Kim hyo jin] In the new year, there are more people who worry about new styling. Some people may succeed in the weight loss and show off the excellent slim body or decorate themselves with the hot items in 2019. Most of all, what would change the style of a person the most would be the hair style. Especially, the bobbed-hair is what any lady would want to try once in a lifetime. People may spend time while worrying about whether they should try to get the bobbed hair or not. Lately, there are the celebrities who show off their attractiveness with the bobbed-hair and encourage the viewers to get the short cut hair style. Let me check out the actresses who have bobbed-hair and help people to visit the beauty salon for short haircut.

Song Hyegyo

In the drama “Boyfriend”, Song Hyegyo have attracted not only the male viewers but also the female viewers with her unrealistic look. Her appearance in the drama has enchanted people so much that they call her “God Hyegyo”. Especially, as she appeared on the drama with the short cut hair, she succeeded in getting the baby face so perfectly enough to confuse our estimation of her real age.

In the drama “Boyfriend”, she has showed the good chemistry with Park Bogeum who is younger than her and has formed the passionate fans for her. It looks like that due to the effect of Song Hyegyo, there has been an increase in the number of women having the bobbed-hair nowadays. Especially, it looks like that the bobbed-hair style would get popular among the women in 30s as they want the baby face.

Park Bo-young

Park Bo-young is so cute that her title “Povely” does well match with her image. With the small body and fresh acting ability, she is very attractive. She usually wears the short cut hair style. But when she appeared in the awarding ceremony with the clean short-cut hair, she made a good impression on the audiences. She surprised her fans with her sense of maturity which had been hidden up to then. 

In addition, Park Boyoung who was selected as a model for Goobne Chicken and she appeared in new commercial advertisement with the clean bobbed-hair look, showing the lovely attractiveness. Especially, in an episode of “Galbicheonwang” program, she shows the eating act which stimulates the viewer’s appetite. The bobbed-hair without the front hair is a hair style which can be recommended to those who have difficulty in making the delicate hair styling.

Kim Taeri

Kim Taeri appeared in the drama “Mr. Sunshine” and showed the excellent acting. In 2018, she also showed good acting in the movie “Little Forest”, thus spending a hot year in 2018. In addition, as she was selected as a muse for a French perfume, she is likely to get popular around the world.

When we think Kim Taeri, what appears on our mind is her own aura. Her own look of a little sharp face and elegant and long hair has been her trademark. Most of all, her change in the look with the short cut hair was a surprise to the fans. The short-cut hair which is so called the ‘clear short cut har and the waves showing a lot of hairs’ enchanted the people with the magic. If you are not convinced with the short cut hair, the clear short cut with a little long hair and the wave would be a good way as a first trial as they are for Kim Taeri. (photo by Goobne Chicken, JWide Company post, bnt news DB)


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