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Goobne Chicken is popular for both local people and tourists

2019-01-16 15:51:27
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[by Kim Hyo Jin] The Central of Hong King is the central area in Hong Kong and a hub of shopping. It has a place where a lot of people from all over the world gather. There is a Korean brand which is recognized by not only the local people but also the tourists. That is just the main character which leads the hot popularity of the combination of chicken and beer. As its chicken is roasted in oven, it is more crispy than ordinary chicken, thus attracting a lot of people from all over the world.

As it is not fried in the oil, the people may feel less burden in eating it. Korean oven roasted chicken is reputed that once you taste it, you would fall in love with it. Let’s find out the attractiveness of Korea’s oven roasted chicken.

Goobne’s Central Shop, Hong Kong

As the Korea’s oven roasted No. 1 brand Goobne Chicken does roast the chicken instead of frying it on the oil, the chicken’s texture is characterized by the less grisly taste. As it is applied with various sauces, it has the good taste. Goobne Chicken’s Central Shop is the hot place in Hong Kong as it catches both the local people and tourists with its comfortable and broad space and the good interior decorations.

Less oily

The oily food tastes good but its happiness is short lived. The repentance after eating it and the fat accumulating in the body make the negative effect on the body compared to the short-lived happiness. But, this case does not apply to the oven roasted chicken. This product was born by the innovative idea of having the original taste of chicken by roasting the chicken in the oven rather than frying it in the oil. So, it is characterized by the taste and health as it has less oil. In addition, as it has less oil, you can feel clean and less discomfort after enjoying it.


 The over roasted chicken has the big advantage of having less calories as it has less trans fat. Korean Consumer Agency’s test results show that the calories of Goobne Chicken is very low as it contains less fat. On the other hand, as for the protein contained in the chicken that in Goobne Chicken’s Goobne Original has the highest protein that it catches the eyes of the consumers as the low fat but high protein product. If you want to feel better even after enjoying the chicken as well as when you eat it, you have to consider the calories. If you want to enjoy the chicken in a healthy way, it is better for you to enjoy it along with tomato, carrot, onion as they has the function of discharging the salt and select the roasted chicken rather than the fried one to get the less calories and fat.

Diverse tastes

Sweet fried chicken and sugary Yagnyeom Chicken. In addition, the oven roasted chicken catches the palate of a lot of people. As it is roasted in a oven, its outer is crispy but the texture is so good. When it is added with the Goobne Chicken sause, it is perfect. Especially, the hot Gochu Basasak Chicken and sweet Soy Garlic Chicken are the products which even the beginner in the chicken would be attracted.

 On top of that, Central shop, Hong Kong is equipped with various Korean dishes such as Bulgogi Bokkeumbap, Gimchi Bokkeumbap, Japchae, and Tteokbboki and others that people can indirectly experience the Hallyu culture. (photo by Goobne Chicken)


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