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Wed Feb 19

Enjoying good tastes in Hong Kong

2019-02-07 16:57:59
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(by Kim Hyo Jin) Hong Kong is famous as a city for the gourmet. Especially, if you are curious about the taste of Hong Kong, you have to pay a visit to Central area located in the hub of Hong Kong, which may be called the heaven for gourmets as there are a lot of unique foods.
As such, it is not overstatement that there is no gourmet who has not visited Hong Kong. You can try a lot of Hong Kong foods ranging from the food representing Hong Kong to the street food you can easily come across on the street as well as the food from which you can experience the taste of the world.

Dim sum in Hong Kong

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine (particularly Cantonese) which is steamed or fried and is enjoyed with tea. It has undergone a lot of changes in Hong Kong and now is the food which all people around the world enjoy.

However, a lot of traditional tea houses in the Central area of Hong Kong having long history still provides the customers with the classical and traditional dim sum. Lin Heung Tea House has the romantic mood with its antiquated interior and a lot of customers visit all day long without pause.

Still having the traditional method of directly serving the tasteful dim sum to the customers by using carts, it offers you with the dim sum containing a lot of ingredient such as bun with lotus seed having the deep favor and good taste, pork and chicken meat. If you enjoy the jasmine or shumai tea, you can more enjoy that Hong Kong style food.

Fusion cuisine

You may have heard the tomato spaghetti. But you may not have heard of tomato noodle. Sing Heung Yuen located in Central sells the tomato noodle and its related lemon toast which anybody would be attracted to once he/she tries.

The tomato noodle having he deep taste is made with the fresh tomatoes supplied from Beijing and Italy. The tomato noodle having a lot of efforts starting at 6 o’clock every morning is the representative menu of this restaurant. Sing Heung Yuen’s another popular menu is the lemon toast.
It is not general bread but is the Hong Kong style bread added with the butter, honey and lemon juice, a perfect collaboration. Served immediately after the baking after the order, the lemon toast is characterized by the crispy taste and fresh flavor of lemon. If you want to try the sour but sweet tomato noodle and the special taste of lemon toast, visit here.

World cuisine

Hong Kong is one of the favorites tourist sites favored by people around the world. It also has a variety of foods. If you find out the distinct food at the area filled with a lot of shops and market in Central, it would be similar to finding a jewel.

Particularly, the chicken food is one of the Korea’s representative healing foods and the food which catches the taste of people around the world. Any gourmet may know it. But, if you are not familiar with chicken food, the oven grilled chicken would be better instead of the fried chicken.

Goobne Chicken, which is Korea’s No. 1 oven grilled chicken brand, is located in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tseung Kwan O and Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Its signature menu includes the sweet Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken, hot Pepper Basasak Chicken and sweet Soy Garlic Chicken.

The chicken which is not stimulating but has the mysterious attraction, is very popular not only among the local residents but also tourists here. Even Hollywood celebrities often visit here.(photo by Goobne Chicken, official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board)


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