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Wed Feb 19

Increasing gray hair. What is the good way of dyeing?

2019-02-15 15:44:43
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(by Hwang So Hee) It may be frustrating for you to watch your increasing gray hair on your head as you grow old. Even if you pluck out the gray hair which appears between black hairs, new gray hair reappears soon. The gray hair indicates that the aging process of hair has started

The gray hair is created when the melanin pigment disappears from the hair, thus making the hair whitened. The cell synthesizes the melanin pigment and the more the volume of pigment increases, the darker the hair color becomes. A person gets more white hairs as he/she gets older because the number of melanin cells which synthesize the melanin gets reduced and their function also gets reduced.

Though the gray hair is one of the aging processes, it varies depending on a person’s genetic elements, diseases or personal characteristics. Is there any way of preventing the gray hair?

It needs to correct the diet to prevent the gray hair. If you have bad diet such as eating instant food, or excessive meat or excessively reducing the volume of food taken, the sufficient nutrient is not supplied to your body, and that may cause the unbalance in the nutrient, thus ending up in making the gray hair appear. 

If you continue to eat the black food such as black soybean or black sesame, you can prevent the hair loss and the gray hair. The protein in the black sesame has the ingredient of keratin which is excellent in supplying the nutrient to the scalp. Especially, its minerals and vitamin E keep the skin clean, prevent the aging process and activates the physical functions.

The seaweeds such as sea mustard or dried laver are rich in iodine, calcium and protein. They are very effective in preventing the gray hair and the hair loss, improving the hair and facilitating the hair growth.

The fleeceflower is the medicinal plant which is known to make the hair black and strong. As it has a lot of ingredients which facilitate the growth of melanin cell in the hair and also a lot of ingredients good for keeping the health of scalp or preventing the hair loss, it is good to cure the gray hair. Especially, it is known to be the medicinal material which makes the hair thick and strong and helps the health of hair improved. But, if you want to take the fleeceflower, you have to see a Korean traditional doctor before taking it.

It is possible to prevent the creation of gray hair through the improvement in the diet. But it is hard to alleviate the already increased gray hair. The hair root dyeing may be the most effective in hiding the gray hair which you don’t like. But the dyeing process may be burdensome for little gray hair as it may lead to the damage to scalp and the hair. The henna dye has been prevalent but it is reported to have a lot of problems recently. Therefore, it is important to make the patch test prior to the actual dyeing.

As the natural dyeing product brand “Be Influenced by Nature” uses the natural herb and the grain extracts, it is the low stimulating dye differentiated from the conventional dye. It is used for not only hiding the gray hair but also making your hair look natural. It is the dye which protects your scalp and hair and minimizes the damages to the hair. As it has passed the patch test, you can safely use it. Therefore, you need not to be concerned with the possible damages to your scalp and hair by the dye.

In addition to the dyeing program, we have various care programs for the beautiful hair and healthy scalp such as the scalp care program which removes the hazardous toxic and normalizes the keratin removal interval and the hair care program which recovers the damages hair to the effective balance by using the perm and dyeing.

The natural dyeing product brand “Be Influenced by Nature” is a franchise which participates in the job renaissance project in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor for creation of social value. It actively supports the business created by small capital, the one entrepreneur company, or the female entrepreneur company, and has a lot of branches in Korea (photo by Be Influenced by Nature)


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