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Kim Seo-hyung vs Yum Jung-ah, Can you handle their extraordinary airport fashion?

2019-02-21 15:18:51
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(by Hwang Yeon Do) It has been 10 days or more since the JTBC drama “SKY Castle” ended. But, the interest in that drama is still high.

The drama which is a real comic drama on the desperate desires of housewives living in a luxurious residential area called Sky Castle (where top 0.1% among Korean people live), who want to make their husbands as king and their children as the prince and princess of the world. Starting with the rating of 1.7% with the first episode, it recorded the best rating with 23.8% for the final episode, which was the highest rating for non-terrestrial television drama before closing.

Due to the high popularity of the dram, the actors and actress in the drama left for Phuket, Thailand to enjoy their bonus leave. Who caught the eyes of spectators the most is Yum Jung-ah who played the character of the mother of Yeseo in the drama and Kim Seo-hyung who was called Seuaengnim in the drama. Those two actresses boasted their good looks unlike what they looked in the drama. Let’s find out their airport fashion.

# Kim Seo-hyung

Kim Seo-hyung played as a college entrance coordinator who guarantees the admittance into Seoul National University by anyone who is ready to sacrifice anything. Though she put all viewers of the drama into the furnace of terror with the all back hairstyle, black clothes and nefarious behaviors, she appeared at Incheon International Airport on 10th with the new looks and styles opposite to her looks in the drama, thus giving a lot of surprise to the fans.
On this day, she put on the stripe shirts, blue min skirt having red points, and hood jacket which has the design similar to the skirt, thus showing the young preppy look and expressing the female and vital attractions. Unlike the black suit which does not show any body skin in the drama, she exposed her good leg line along with the short cut hairstyle which makes her look 10 years younger. Unlike the strict coordinator in the drama, she looked the pure teen age girl in the airport, thus providing that she has the fantastic attraction.

# Yum Jung-ah

 Yum Jung-ah played as Han Seo-jin who exposed the wrong desire to make her child enter the College of Medicine, Seoul National University in the drama. She is the person who make the terms such as Seuaengnim and Agalmeori popular. Even in the high-class circle of 0.1% inside the SKY Castle, she was the target of envy, who was better on the pearl necklace than Grace Kelly who was Princess of Monaco and showed the elegant and prestigious styling.

But after the end of drama, she appeared at the Airport and her look was a lot different from that of Han Seo-jin in the drama. Unlike the beautiful, luxurious fashion he had in the drama, she appeared at the airport with the casual and boyish styling. She put the lemon colored turtleneck, white shirts, two-tone denim pants and overfit black jacket along with the chic short cut hairstyle, thus showing us the comfortable and trendy daily look.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to show off the casual girly mood like Kim Seo-hyung, why don’t you try to combine the shirts with mini skirt? If you match the denim and the shirts and skirts, you may emphasize the attraction which does not look like you make effort on it. If you add the beret or back pack, you can get the look of cute college students.

If you want to have the boyish and chic attractiveness like Yum Jung-ah, you may try the combination of black overfit jacket, and wide denim pants. That would complete the styling which can make the unique harmony even when any inner clothes such as turtleneck, knit, shirts, or blouse are put on. Here if you put the boots or hat, you can have the chic mood. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)


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