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Hair needs the care like skin

2019-02-27 16:11:07
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(by Woo Ji-an) The skin is not the only part of the body which gets dried in winter time. We should remember that the scalp also slowly gets aged in the winter time in the same way as our body and hair get dry and weak. If the damaged hair is not cut out for long, the damage may go down to the follicle. It can affect the hair loss to a certain extent in severe cases.

If the long hair is damaged, the resulting entanglement may lead to more difficulty in managing the hair. In this case, why don’t you boldly cut the hair and try new style? It would be good to change the style instead of keeping the damaged hair. The short cut hair style is also one of the hot hair styles currently as popular as the term ‘short cut diseases’ which were recently created. Especially, let’s find out the hairstyle of Park Bo-young who shows what the short cut hair is and the hairstyle of Kang Min-kyung of the stylish short cut hair.

>> How to care the hair

The winter time is when the skin can get weak due to the difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor environments. Like the skin, the hair and scalp easily get sensitive due to the big or small stimulus. In this time, what is important is that the damaged hair and scale shall be taken care of through the concentrated care. First of all, make sure to wash the hair with not scraping the scalp with nail but like massaging the scalp with the tip of finger. In addition, the hair moisturizer would help the hair which has got rough from dry air and wind.

The scalp may get the trouble as the skin does. The pruritus, furuncle and excessive secretion of sebum may lead to the bad health. Therefore, it is critical to perfectly cleanse the scale rather than simply cleaning the scalp to keep the scalp healthy.

>> Park Bo-young, the perfect short hair cut

One of the representative baby face stars is Park Bo-young who is very popular with her cute image having no unchanged since her debut. Her hair style is also considered to be the wannabe style which is favored by many people as it is as popular as it is called as guaranteed cheque. Her hair cut style has also appeared at her Goobne chicken advertisement.

Park Bo-young who was selected as an advertising model for Goobne chicken, completed the short cut hair style with the hair just reaching short of the shoulder and a little wave on the bang. The hair style having the thick wave can help you to get the simple but mature image and can be harmonized with any style. As it can be matched with any style ranging from the casual style to feminine style, you can try it with the style having thick wave but having no bang like in Park Bo-young if you want to make a change in hair style.

>> Kang Min-kyung--- Sensitive short cut hair style

Tough Kang Min-kyung had maintained long hair since her debut, she changed the hair style to short cut hair and informed it through SNS. As she is known to be a fashionista, her short cut hair also became a hot topic. She completed the straight short cut hair which reaches the shoulder and the bang hair style with the calm down and cute bang.

Though she got attention with the beautiful dress and makeup on the stage, she enjoys the casual wear off stage. By using the denim, T-shirts and short cut hair added with a small style, she creates the emotional style. Especially the earring and hat which are the point accessories to the short cut hair style having no wave, she created her own style. (photo by bnt news DB, Goobne Chicken TV CF capture, Park Bo-young V LIVE, Kang Min-kyung Instagram)


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