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Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Hee-ae and Park Ju-mi; What is the secret which keep these actresses beautiful at all times?

2019-02-27 16:37:41
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 (by Hwang So Hee) It is an unchanging principle that as we get old, our skin would show the trace of ages, showing the sagging and wrinkle. To remove the trace of ages, we apply the expensive cosmetics to our faces or visit aesthetic. But the deepening wrinkle will not stop to grow. On the other hand, there are people who keep their good looks though ordinary people get despondent due to the trace of ages.

Many people are curious about how the television stars keep their good look without any wrinkles though it has been tens of years since they debuted. What is the secret by which they can keep their good looks in the same way when they first debuted?

Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Hee-ae and Park Ju-mi get spotlight as they keep the look as beautiful as they were in 20s. The common thing which a lot of women envy is their elastic skin without any wrinkles on their faces.

Though the wrinkles are just one of the natural aging phenomena when the time passes by, there are many middle-aged women who get stressed out due to the wrinkles. Especially, if people get old, the wrinkles on the forehead may get deeper. So, if you want to keep your good look, you have to take care of your wrinkle.

There is a proverb that there is no man winning the elapse of time. Then, what is the secret which keeps the actresses such as Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Hee-ae and Park Ju-mi with the elastic face and no wrinkles?

If you want to get the smooth skin without wrinkles, what is important is the cleaning of your face by getting rid of any waste put into your deep skin from your body and any remaining cosmetics residues from your face. Any good makeup would be useless if your basic skin is not good enough. The perfect cleaning to get rid of any waste or remaining cosmetics residue accumulated for a day from your skin and body is the most important.

First of all, clean the hands to get ready and then meticulously wash the face with the foaming soap. In this case, if the water is too hot, it may lead to the dryness or cause the wrinkle. So, be sure to use the lukewarm water.

The cleaning of the face is critical to strengthen the basics of your skin. But if you want to fundamentally solve the problem of sagging skin, it would be more effective for you to get the help from the surgery of sagging eyelid in a professional way.

Park Hye-won, a senior doctor in JK Plastic Surgery which is famous for the eyelid surgery advises, “To complete the healthful skin and unchanging beautiful look, you need to make efforts in your daily habits. If you want to have a perfect change in addition to the exercise and dietary control, it would be a good way to lift your sagging face with the eyelid surgery.”

Dr. Baek Hye-won further says, “As a person gets old to 40s or 50s, the eyelid gets sagged. In that age, as the function of levator palpebrae superioris which is the muscle opening the eyes gets reduced, the forehead muscle starts to be used, which leads to deeper wrinkle on the forehead. What is important here is to systematically analyze the cause of sagging eyelid and make the eye shape clear. For that purpose, the in-depth consultation with the experienced surgery doctor for the eyelid is very important for determining the proper surgery method and degree as there is a difference in face shape and skin for every person.”

JK Plastic Surgery is popular among foreigner patients that it has been awarded with the commendation plaque for attracting a lot of foreigner patients. It is famous for the one-stop pre-operative examination in which the patient’s health is closely checked through accurate analysis and diagnosis. It has a standing professional doctor in anesthesiology and pain medicine and has the operating room in compliance with US FED, Standard 209D. In addition, considering any possible emergency, it has the CPR team and emergency kit, thus putting the priority on the safety of patients.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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