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Sun Aug 18

Favorite beauty kit items for the makeup beginner

2019-02-27 16:54:22
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(by Hwang So Hee) This is the makeup kit product which every person who is interested in the makeup is required to have. As it can be diversely used depending on the mood ranging from the casual daily makeup to elegant party makeup, it is the item favored by the people interested in the beauty makeup.

If you hesitate to purchase the kit product as it was made of the colors you do not like, you should keep an eye on this product. As more diverse makeup kit products appear in the market, now you can compare them and select the kit which has the combination of colors you like.

Especially, if you have a makeup kit made of the tone-on-tone combination, you would make the good harmonious makeup which cannot fail you even if you are a beginner in makeup. Let me show you the collection of hot makeup kit products which you would like as they have high cost effectiveness and utility as well as cute design.

>> Brush kits for the makeup beginner

If you do not find any difference though you use the same color product as a beauty Youtuber does, you are recommended to use the brush kit which may enable to do the makeup as an expert would do. If a beginner puts on a makeup with hand, she may fail in the color control and the makeup looks swollen.

In selecting the makeup brush, it is important to select the product having the soft bristle which directly contact your face. If the bristle is rough or not uniform, it would irritate the skin and cause a big trouble.


3CE MINI MAKEUP BRUSH KIT has 7 brushes which help you with the perfect full makeup ranging from the base to the point makeup and lip makeup. As it adopts the high-class artificial bristle made in Germany, it can give us the soft feel without irritation even if it touches our face. It is made in consideration of application to the skin, coloring and adhesiveness. It is the high-class makeup brush which can make the minute cutting of hair depending on the contents and brush.

>> Lip makeup kit which may be changed depending on the mood

Even one lip makeup can make a big difference in mood. You can play a lot of moods depending on what color you use ranging from the innocence to sexy mood. If you want to do the different mood makeup but you are poor at that, let’s get a help from lip makeup kit.
As the lip makeup kit can be used as a single product but also make the gradation with other colors, you can try diverse color makeup in addition to the originally composed colors. If you have not yet fully found out your signature color, try to adopt the lip makeup kit.


3CE MOOD RECIPE LIP COLOR MINI KIT 2 completes the tone-on-tone in which the detailed color lineup covers all moods. As it enhances the color, one touch would be sufficient to play the sensual color. With the creamy application, it is excellent in playing the natural gradation makeup.

>> Shadow kit which completes not only shadow but also point makeup

One of the difficult tasks for makeup beginners is the eye makeup. If a person makes an awkward mood with the makeup which is not good with her own eye shape or uses the eyeline cosmetics which easily spread around, a situation would arise which would make it better not to do makeup.

If you feel that it is hard to make the shadow makeup which other people feel easy, why don’t you use the shadow kit which is composed of harmonious colors? If you apply the base color widely around the eye hole and then match the dense color as the point color instead of eyeline for natural blending, you can complete the delicate shadow makeup.


3CE MOOD RECIPE MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE makes the perfect eye makeup with the elegant mood as it has 9 harmonious tone-on-tone colors arranged with their layering. As it is composed of the colors ranging from the light daily color to the point color which you can correct and emphasize your eye shape with, you can create various moods.


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