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Wed Feb 19

‘The Light in Your Eyes’ : our attitude toward the past

2019-03-08 12:50:44
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] JTBC Monday and Tuesday Drama ‘The Light in Your Eyes’ is story of two man and woman’s time slip romance. Kim Hye Ja(Han Ji Min) is a woman who lost all of her given time and Lee Joon Ha(Nam Joo Heok), who is living a meaningless life during his most bright time.

Kim Hye Ja who came back to Drama after 3 years said “I have been doing a lot of drama but I’ve never done this kind of drama. It is not similar to any other drama and it makes me excited. When I was shooting this drama, it gets me thinking how I’ve been living for my previous years.”

Kim Hye Ja and Han Ji Min show the provocative change in their acting by playing one character by two. Through 25 years old Hye Ja, who lost her rightfully given time, they tell us the story of meaningless time with let it go and moments we thought we were rightfully given to.

Han Ji Min said “Hyeja in Drama is attractive character but I chose to do this drama looking up to Kim Hye Ja. I am honor to play her younger time. Also it was good to play a character using her name. She is a dreamy actress to me and I am happy to work with her.”

Kim Seok Yoon PD, who directed this drama, said “We put the title of Time slip romance to the drama. But I wanted to focus on ‘living’. I guess the ‘time’ is the right term. I wanted to talk about how we deal with us getting older. There is a lot of fantasy in the drama but it is just a function to show young and old people at the same time. The drama contains the story of the faith of everyone who have to get older and how we are looking at ourselves. In that note, I want the younger generation to watch this show.”

Just like Kim Seok Yoon PD wished, we hope that through The Light in Your Eyes, people can remind and think of past and upcoming time.


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