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Sun Aug 18

Spring, a trial for glossy makeup

2019-03-08 12:46:04
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(by Oh Eun sun) The spring is just around the corner. With the warmer spring time coming near to us, our thickness of clothes gets thinner and the makeup also gets lighter.

It is the time when any people who are sensitive to the trend would start to consider to try a makeup proper for the spring time. In this spring time, how about the glossy makeup which is filled with moisturization?

Especially, what is important is the fact that the skin should be provided with the moisture from the basic care in addition to the makeup. The basic care shall be supplemented with the moisture time to time even after the makeup. Let me introduce to you the knowhow on the glossy makeup filled with moisture.

The strong skin base is critical for any makeup. Prior to makeup or after going to home from work, it is critical to remove the fine dust from the skin and sooth the skin irritated by the outside environment and the resulting stress. The simplest methods include the release of fatigue from skin and the supply of nutrients.

The mask pack is applicable to the user’s skin conditions in diverse way. As it also can be simply used, it is a good item for home care item. However, as it should be applied to all over the face, it is not easy to use at the place other than house. In this case, how about using the mini quick mask? It can be freely applied to the parts you want to apply. It can be also easily used for the correction makeup during the outside activities. In addition, it would be good to put it over the skin while you make the hair styling when preparing to go to work.   


It is a mini quick mask which transmits the rest to the tired skin. As the item of useful mini size corrects the inconveniences in the conventional product, it can be simply used. The extract of Centella asiatica would help to normalize the skin while the triple hyaluronic acid and ceramide prevent the skin from losing the moisture.

Even if a makeup product has a lot of moisture, its moisture goes away as time passes by. At this time, use the mist. You can get the moisturized skin as in the beginning.

If your skin is a very dry type lacking in the water, you had better use the mist between the basic care stages. That would make you feel wetter skin than when you use the conventional care. Then, it is recommended that the mist is sprayed once the makeup is done even in the outside. You can safely spray the mist of the fine spraying type.


It is the item in which the nutritious essence is realized into the mist. As its sufficient nutrients give the skin with the moisturization effect, the product makes the skin get the healthy gloss. It can be used even after the fine spray is used for makeup.

Spray the mystery water over tip puff or applicator to naturally mix it with the foundation. You can get the wet makeup as if you are applied with the moisturization primer.

This glossy makeup makes you feel the moisture. If you finish the expression of skin gloss, start the lip makeup which makes lip contain the water. As the glossy lip would make your lip look thicker, this is the right one for expressing the refined mood.

If your lip has a lot of keratins, the removal of keratin prior to makeup is essential. Put Vaseline or lip balm over the lip and softly rub it with the cotton swab for 10 minutes. Apply the color lipstick which is right for your own skin tone over the clean lip and then apply the oily lip gross over it. That is all. At this time, if you use the plump lip product which produces the natural coloring, you can get the more refined look.


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