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Sat Sep 18

Three Uniquely Different Spring styling for Sully, Soo-hyun and Chun Woo-hee

2019-03-08 13:32:38
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(by Oh Eun sun) Along with the rising temperature, many stars appear in new attires. They expose their bare legs and show the colorful styling in harmony with the warm spring. As people can look at the stars worn in punching one-piece which can be easily found in spring and summer, they can feel that the spring time has come to us.

If you want to purchase the clothes for sprint time but are not sure what color or design you should choose, you may check the star’s fashions. It is because many stars’ modern outfit would give you the hint for your styling.

Let’s take a look at the Sully’s checker patterned jacket and Soo-hyun’s yellow chiffon one-piece as well as Chun Woo-hee’s punching white one-piece.

Sully is characterized by the beautiful mask like the blossoming flower in the spring time. Her white skin tone is perfectly harmonized with any fashion that she is well distinct anytime and anywhere.

Sully showed the checker patterned jacket at an airport like a one-piece. She fully enjoyed the sexy fashion in which the bottoms are not visible, thus fully enjoying the spring. Then, the black inner and white shoes well matched the style. If you don’t like the jacket one-piece style, you may use the same patterned skirt. You can produce the diversified feels depending on the length of skirt.

How about matching the bright white inner with the checkered patterned jacket? If you match it with the long skirt, you can make the modern and chic mood. In addition, if you take advantage of the dull shoes, you can get the unique style. 

If you are asked to select a color which is well harmonized with the spring, you may choose the color yellow. The warm tone yellow not only brightens the face but also can make the lovely mood.

Recently, Actress Soo-hyun showed the yellow chiffon one-piece at an event. Her many accessories also attracted our eyes. The bold necklace and bracelets were layered in various ways to give a point. Then, the white shoes were matched to get the clean styling.

Editor’s Pick If you want to emphasize the cute and lovely mood instead of the feminine feel, you may choose the yellow one-piece with the frill design. In addition, the short long one-piece can make the diverse moods depending on the wearer’s height. If it is matched with the white ankle boots, you can make the unique mood. If it is matched with the cute short boots, you can make the girly mood.

Actress Chun Woo-hee showed a punching one-piece styling at the production announcement event for the film “Idol”. Especially, she showed us her innocent and sexy feels in the leather bustier. Her clearly overturned hairstyle and not-so-distinct earring give us the chic feel.

The punching one-piece is indispensable in the spring time. It can make a lot of different moods depending on what item it is matched with. Like Chun Woo-hee, the design which wraps her to the neck emphasizes the clean feel while the punching one-piece of off-shoulder design gives us the sexy and innocent feels at the same time.

Editor’s Pick The off-shoulder white punching one-piece can give us the various feels depending on the items. It gives us the modern feel if matched with black item. On the other hand, if it is matched with items with distinct color such as yellow or red, it gives us the unique and lively feel. (photo by Stylenanda)


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