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Wed Feb 19

‘Uhm Bok Dong’, sending hopes in the name of 100th anniversary of March 1st movement

2019-03-08 16:43:26
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Movie ‘Uhm Bok Dong’ is a drama based on Uhm Bok Dong, who won the Chosun Bicycle competition as a first Chosun(Korean) man during the Japanese colonial occupation.

Kim Yoo Seong, director of the movie, said “‘Uhm Bok Dong’ started when I start to write the first copy of its scenario in 2013. I thought I was greatly interest in history and knew a lot about that time but there were so much to learn. Also my grandma who passed away told me about Uhm Bok Dong; that’s how I start to write the scenario. ”

Actor Lee Beom Soo took charge of both production and acting for this movie. He said “When I participated in the movie as an actor, I only worried about my given role; however, as a supervisor of production, I’ve learn how to see the whole picture. It has been a great opportunity for me to learn.”

Also Lee Beom Soo said “Uhm Bok Dong is a character who gave hope and confidence to Korean people during Japanese colonial occupation. It is a movie we started to make to give hope and message to people that once we do our best in our own given role, it will lead to the future. We wanted to share Uhm Bok Dong, who gave lots of hope to Korean people, to people”.

Jeong Ji Hoon, who starred as Uhm Bok Dong, said “I get to read the script due to Lee Beom Soo’s recommendation. I thought Uhm Bok Dong was a fake character but when Lee Beom Soo told me that he is real and the movie is based on the true story, I was intrigued. I wanted to share the story of Uhm Bok Dong with people.”

Movie ‘Uhm Bok-dong’ is a story of many ordinary people’s effort for Korea’s independence; It will launch on March 1st to celebrate 100th anniversary of March 1st movement.  


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