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Wed Feb 19

Solar of Mamamoo, disclosing the concept photo for new album – elegant hand kiss

2019-03-15 11:16:35
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[by Ent team] The concept photo of new album for Solar of Girl Group Mamamoo was disclosed.

Through their SNS, Mamamoo posted the moving teaser of SOLAR and individual concept photo which contains the concept of the 9th mini album ‘White Wind’.

In the disclosed moving teaser, SOLAR shows the elegant and lovely attraction, thus catching our eyes. She boasted of her bright visuals with the elegant look, hand kiss and wink.

While illuminating the eye’s expression to the camera, SOLAR expressed the album’s concept or ‘White’ in her own mood.

In addition, in the photo disclosed together, SOLAR shows the refreshing and charming appeal. She creates the lovely mood in the orange colored T-shirts and the colorful hair pin.

As the disclosure of the SOLAR’s individual concept photo was made subsequent to the previous disclosure of Moonbyul, there are bigger interests in their new album ‘White Wind’.

Mamamoo comes back with new album containing the color ‘White’, which is the last one in the ‘Four Season, four color project’ which lasted one year.

‘White Wind’ is the compound of ‘white’ which is the symbol color of Whee in and the word ‘Wind’ which means Whee in. The new album would express their story from when they meet each other as a blank drawing board to the present time. 

On the other hand, Mamamoo will announce their 9th mini album ‘White Wind’ on Mar. 14, at 6:00 pm. (photo by RBW)


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