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Tue Oct 22

[bnt photo] Ryu Jun Yeol, a natural look

2019-03-15 13:02:46
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[by Baek Su Yeon] Actor Ryu Jun Yeol participated in the press conference on the upcoming film ‘Money’ (directed by Park Noo Ri) at Megabox Dongdaemun, Jung-gu, Seoul on 6th and got the photo time.

Casted with Ryu Jun Yeol, Yoo Ji Tae, Jo Woo Jin, Jun Woo Sung and Won Jin Ah, the film ‘Money’ describes a story in which Il Hyun (casted by Ryu Jun Yeol) as a new stock broker who wants to become rich meet a scam designer who is mysterious (casted by Yoo Ji Tae) and got involved in a big scam operation. It is planned to premier on 20th.


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