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Wed Feb 19

Knowhow on the corrective makeup

2019-03-15 16:53:08
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(by Oh Eun-sun) Due to the unexpected attack by the find dust pollution, not only our health but also our skins suffer. Along with the increase in the fine dust index, our stress on our skin is also rising.

In addition, the fine dust makes the negative impact on not only the skin health but also the makeup done in the morning, with the fine dust messing up the makeup. So, when you should go out and wear a mask, the makeup gets messed up. So, we need to take more care on the corrective makeup.

As the corrective makeup shall be done time to time during the busy time, the knowhow on the fast and simple makeup knowhow is required. Let me introduce to you the knowhow on the easy corrective makeup by using the basic portable beauty item.


The wrong corrective makeup may make the look more thick or rough. Let’s find out the good corrective makeup knowhow which makes you look as if you just finished the makeup.

If you use the liquid formula at the stage of foundation or BB, how about using the cushion type product when you go out? This would help you to easily express the wet skin and is good to take and use.

First of all, spray the mist on the puff to get it to have the moisture. Then, press the raised makeup and wipe it out. This method corrects the rough makeup but also transmits the moisture to the skin. Then, apply a little of lotion or essence on the area of deleted makeup before patting the skin with the cushion pact. That is all.

Fine pigment, high glossy oil and low-molecular hyaluronic acid wrap the skin in a detailed and perfect way to make the skin illuminate from inside.


Your messily spread eye shadow and the black soaked mascara may give the bad impression to others. Let’s do the corrective makeup by using the simple method.

Apply a little lotion on the cotton swab to remove the smudge from the area. If there is no lotion available, apply a lot of essence mist before removing the smudge. As the strong scraping may stimulate the skin, be sure to softly rub it. Then, use the shadow to draw it on the area again. In case of eyeline, apply a little of it on the removed tail area.

SLIM WATERPROOF PENCIL EYE LINER is the tool which meets your desire with the clear and flying slim eye liner and the natural blending of the pencil eye liner.


Wipe out your lip with tissue and then coat the cotton swab with foundation or concealer and draw the lip line. Apply the lip product in the middle of lip and tap it to make the clear lip makeup.

Especially, when you eat something, drink a water, the lip makeup may be often removed. In that case, it is better for you to make a corrective makeup around the mouth.

If the lip keratin is visible when you see in the mirror for application of lip stick, use the lip balm to subside it. Apply sufficient volume of lip balm over the lip. After 1-2 minute, wipe it out with cotton swab or tissue. Then, apply the oil or lip balm once again before applying the lip products.

This softly melts down the swollen keratin on the lip. As it contains the propolis and shea butter, make sure, you had better use it to keep your lip smooth and wet all day long.


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