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Fri Jun 05

Red Velvet’s Yeri announces her first solo single today (on 14th) # Acoustic Ballad #Dear Diary

2019-03-20 13:31:59
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[by Ent team] Red Velvet’s Yeri announces her first solo single.

Yeri will show her music ‘Dear Diary’ on Mar. 14 at 6:00 pm as the eighth single in SM “STATION” season 3. As her music video is planned to be opened through YouTube, SMTOWN, STATION channel, Naver TV’s SMTOWN channel at the same time, it is likely to hypnotize the global music fan at the same time.

This single ‘Dear Diary’ is the acoustic ballad music whose lyric and music were written and composed directly by Yeri. It is expected to contain Yeri’s mind of supporting herself becoming 20 years old and the mind of appreciation to her fans. As the music expresses her frank emotion at the age of 20 in the calmed-down voice, it is good for fans to enjoy Yeri’s own unique emotion through this single.

In addition, as the music video was produced in the form of Yeri’s sending a video letter to herself at the age of 20 and contained Yeri’s lovely appearance and innocent and refreshing mood, it is expected to get good reactions from fans.

On the other hand, SM digital sound publication channel (‘STATION’ season 3 gets a lot of supports from fans as it publishes the music which is produced in collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every other Thursday. (photo by SM Entertainment)


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