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Wed Feb 19

Tip for the sunshine & fruit juice makeup

2019-03-22 15:23:38
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(by Oh Eun sun) The latest hot item in Instagram is the hashtag “Hatsal Matjip (tasteful restaurant having good sunshine in Korean)”, which is the new word praising the café and studio having good sunshine.

The space having good sunshine creates not only the warm mood but also make the good emotion no matter what photos are taken. Specially, the photo containing the mood created by the sunshine gets a lot of likes.

The makeup is not different from this. So, the sunshine and light makeup gets popular as it helps people to look more beautiful when shone with sunshine. So, let me introduce the “sunshine and fruit juice” which is refreshing like the fruits containing the sunshine.

If you want to get the brilliant eye which shines when getting the sunshine, why don’t you use the pearl shadow which makes you glitter in various forms depending on the volume of light. Let’s complete the base by applying the light beige shadow to all eye holes. If you touch the rose pearl shadow which is sweet like the flower over the center of the eye hole, you can make your eye more voluminous and glittering.

If the eye shadow is not correctly applied, let’s use a little of loose setting powder prior to doing the eye makeup. The sustainability of the makeup gets better. As it also absorbs the oil from around the eye, the color is uniformly expressed. If you want to enhance the sustainability, you may use the prime dedicated for eye.


This can complete the romantic and lovely look with one item having the pink and pitch color palette which contain all kinds of skin tones regardless of warm tone and cool lone.

Like a fresh grapefruit, if the cheek is colored red by the sunshine, it looks more lovely. The cheek filled with so-called fruit juice look would perfectly harmonize with anybody.

But as the application of too much volume of it may make you look like intoxicated with drink, you have to adjust the volume well. In addition, the application shall vary depending on the type of face. If you have long face, you have to apply it vertically from the zygoma. On the other hand, if you have short face, you have to apply it diagonally to cause the optical illusion.

3CE FACE BLUSH #FULL OF CHARM The face blusher expresses the skin in a beautiful and vital way. It makes the fine powder particle not swollen from the face but completes the lovely and colorful makeup look.

Another important point in the sunshine and fruit juice makeup is the lip. It is because it makes the fresh color which appears as if a bite were taken out of grapefruit or orange.
In addition, it is better to put emphasis on the wet feel rather than the matte lip makeup. If you want to use the matte lipstick to express the beautiful color, add the lip gloss for glossier look. You may complete it by using the colorful lip gloss only.

3CE SLIM VELVET LIP COLOR #COTTON UP This has the colorful velvet like texture which is softly melted down as soon as this touches the lip, as well as the beautiful color. As it gives the refreshing vitality to the lip, it completes the romantic lip makeup.


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