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Sat Sep 18

Recommendation of campus look which would make you an insider

2019-03-28 09:06:16
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(by Oh Eun sun) The last cold spell is showing its last coldness in this spring as soon as we try to enjoy the warm weather of spring. It is hard to choose the right clothes during this transitional time of the season when the weather fluctuates a lot. Due to the fluctuated weather, some people even joke that the only period when we can wear the spring clothes is April as the summer weather starts in May.

Especially, these days, due to a big difference in temperature between day and night, it is hard to show off the complete spring fashion. So, the lightweight outer such as cardigan or thin jacket is essential. In addition, as the temperature goes down during late night, people may have to prepare even the coats. But that may not be long. In the coming April, the half sleeve T-shirts would be sufficient for the people who have no patience of hot weather.

What kinds of clothes would be for us to have the campus looks when we should do the shopping to buy the clothes in preparation for the incoming warm weather? Let me introduce you the trendy and fashionable campus looks.

Tops, bottoms, bags and accessories; All lead to Stylenanda_nandamade

If you are a college student wanting to be a fashionista, you need to pay attention. In this spring, the pastel tone would be well matched with any color or design as it reminds us of the spring. So, why don’t you try the black items as they are loved for all four seasons.

The popularity of the long skirt which has been strong from last winter is likely to continue in this spring. If you want to put on the long skirt with the refreshing feel, you had better give a point with the colorful top. As it has the look as if two skirts were layered or the apron were worn, you can emphasize the unique feel with it and get many moods. Though its may be the colorful design, it is good as the campus look as long as you choose the black one.

If you are a little short that the long skirt is a little burdensome to you, you may emphasize your cuteness with the mini-skirt whose hemline is above the knee. If you want to play the cuteness and refreshing feel which may remind us of the spring, you may choose the stripe half-T shirts as your top. It is because the short hemline would help you to get cuteness and the yellow and green stripe design would help you to enjoy the early spring time.

In the spring, it is good to take off the thick outers but wear the light clothes for the warm weather. In that case, you had better choose the bag or accessories which can emphasize your lightweight clothes. The mini bag of bright camel color would be well harmonized with any clothes. It plays a role of multi item covering the casual or female looks as it can be worn on shoulder, in cross style or as a belt bag.

The accessory which naturally brightens the face when put close to the face is also the basic item for the fashionista. The necklace manufactured with the pearl chain as its basic chain is very elegant as the big pearl object is naturally designed. As it is well matched with bold heart charm, it can make a point whether singly or in combination.

Clothes: Universal Works/ Watch: Fredrick Constant in top, Mido in bottom

The fashion points for man are the basics and the simpleness.  Even if you keep these two things in mind, you can complete the good fashion for campus life. First of all, a good item for all four seasons is the denim. If you select the jean of sky blue which is a little bright for the spring, you can get the refined look. These denim pants are good with any tops. The steady item of stripe T-shirt is good singly for any denim.
If the weather is a little cold, choose the light half-sleeve T-shirts and the bright and light hood jacket to complete the fashion which can perfectly cope with the weather which chases a lot during the transitional period. If you choose a little bright denim, you had better choose a top of nude tone. The choice of beige or neutral tone top would not only give the refreshing feel as it is well harmonized with the bright bottoms but also make more stable spring fashion as it helps the tops and bottoms to be well matched with each other.

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