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Sat Sep 18

Useful fashion items from star’s fashion

2019-03-28 09:54:28
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(by Oh Eun sun) Many office workers feel some burdens as they feel that they are forced to put on different clothes every day. It is because if a person puts on the same clothes many times in a row, that may give other people that he/she is not neat enough. However, though that is the case, we cannot afford to buy many clothes.

In this case, when we purchase the clothes, we have to take more care of the clothes which can match other items. It is because only when the items can be well harmonized with others, they are easier to wear in combination with others. If you want to make various feels with only one item, you need to check out the stars’ fashion.

Especially, if you want to look distinguished in friend’s birthday party or social meeting with the look, which is appropriate in ordinary event but is not too excessive, let’s check out the celebrities’ recent fashions.


Actress Nana has come back with the OCN drama “Kill It”. This drama is the signature killer action drama in which there appear a killer who became a veterinarian with the hidden past and a detective pursuing a serial killer. Nana plays the role of Do Hyun-jin, an elite detective.

As she plays in the drama as a character having tenacious and cool mind but warm hearts, a lot of people got interested in her cast from the initial casting stage as they considered that role would be perfect for her image.

In recently held production announcement event, she showed her unique leather fashion. Though many people think that the leather is hard for perfect match, it is good as a point item. Especially any colorful item would make the unique feel.

Editor’s pick_ It would be good if the colorful leather item would be separately matched with the tops and bottoms each. But, if it is matched all at once, you can complete more special styling. If you also put on the hood and sneakers, you can make the basic and sporty feel. If the high heal and off-shoulder T-shirts are added, you can add the sexy feel. Of course, each of them is perfect if well used.

Jung Eun-chae

If you are supposed to attend an event where the etiquette is required, why don’t you use Jung Eun-chae’s look? She has shown her own elegant fashion in the brand event. Her black long one-piece has made her look more elegant.

A lot of people like the color of black and white as they are the basic colors which can be well harmonized with any tone. In addition, as it is well matched with fanciful accessories, it does not give us any excessive feel.

Editor’s pick. It is also good when it is matched with white blouse and V-neck black one-piece. As each of them is very useful, they are very more effective. Let’s take advantage of the neat fashion or accessories in an elegant fashion. The selection of loafer or heel may also give the different feel to you.


Jenny, a member of girl group BlackPink has the high-class image as if her nickname were just the name of a fashionable brand. She recently showed off her black fashion. For the event, she selected the black jacket fashion which emphasized her waist.

The jacket is one of the items which are good for various coordination. If the design is long, it can be used as one-piece as in case of Jenny. If it is not tied to the belt or strap but released, it can get you not only the chic style but also the feminine mood.

Editor’s pick. If the colorful inner is matched with the black jacket, you can get the distinctive and unique fashion. In addition, if you take advantage of the items such as point bag or shoes, you can get more various moods. If you do not like to make you lower body exposed, you can use the wide long pants or skirt.


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