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How can we solve the scalp trouble caused by fine dust attack?

2019-03-28 13:00:31
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Due to the fine dust attack for recent several days, there are more people who get troubles in their skin and other area of the body. Especially, as the diameter of find dust particle which attacked the Korean peninsula is as small as 1/30 of the thickness of our hair, the fine dust penetrates into our body deeper than expected and causes a lot of problems.

As the fine dust contains the heavy metals such as mercury or lead, it is fatal to even the scalp. As the size of fine dust is so small, it can penetrate into the scalp and causes the trouble. It is because that as the size of follicle in the scalp is bigger that that of follicle in the skin, it is easier for the dust to be accumulated on the scalp.

If the fine dust is accumulated on the scalp, it can deal the fatal blow to the hair. As the scalp has more oil than the skin, it can more absorb the fine dust than the skin does. So, as the follicle on the scalp gets clogged, the hair gets thinner. As the entry of oxygen into the follicle gets prevented, the heat in the scalp gets high and causes the hair loss. Let’s find out how to care the scalp trouble due to the fine dust and the dry scalp which negatively affects the scalp.

How can we take care of our scalp against the fine dust?
In this winter, with the high concentration of the fine dust and less precipitation as well as the cold air around -10℃, our health was put in trouble. Although there are many ways for caring the scalp in the environment having big difference in temperature between day and night and the dryness, what can be easily ignored is the scalp care.

How should the fine dust which makes a lot of negative effect on the scalp be controlled? To remove the waste and sweat from the body, it is better to take a shower in the evening. The best time zone for the shower is from 10:00 in the night to 2:00 in the morning. As the chemical ingredient of the shampoo remaining on the scalp can cause the hair loss, it is important to wash it out completely. To reduce the fine dust in the daily life, it is better to comb five times a day to facilitate the blood circulation in the scalp.

In addition, due to the accumulated dust, the seborrheic scalp infection may lead to the occurrence of keratin. Therefore, make the scalp strong in preparation for the spring time. For the sufficient foam from the shampoo, fully soak the hair in the water and wash the hair like massaging. Especially, make sure that you do not scrape the scalp with nail to clean the scalp.

Making the healthy scalp environment

To make the healthy environment for the scalp, the habit in the daily life is essential. We make our skin kept clean with the daily cleansing. That should be applied to our scalp, too. As the meal, sleep and stress are closely to each other, the healthy scalp leads to the rich and elastic hair having sufficient nutrients.

If you want to keep the scalp scratch caused by the fine dust to the minimum, the wearing of cap or hat may be helpful. But it is good to often take off that for the blood circulation, air circulation and in preparation for the scalp heat. What is important is that if you use the UV blocker for the scalp, you had better make the perfect cleaning so that the follicle on the scalp does not get clogged.

As the skin gets red depending on the difference in the temperature between indoor and outdoor, the scalp is the same. The rapidly changing environment causes the trouble in the scalp. As the scalp which suffers from the trouble and inflammation cannot get the healthy hair, it is critical for the hair product not to contact the scalp if possible and not to get the seborrheic scalp infection.

Though it is important to reduce the scalp trouble through home care, it is required to carefully check the hair product which is used daily. In addition, some people do not take care of their scalp which is as weak as the skin. So, the care shall be taken of the scalp. So, Kim Min-gyo, president of Haesol Scalp Clinic says “In this time of the year when the weather is cold and dry, people are more likely to get the itching head and scalp troubles. Here, if the fine dust is added as the troubling elements, the scalp health may get into trouble. So, proper care shall be taken. In addition, this is the time when the care shall be taken to the scalp so that the new hair grows to replace the lost hair. That also leads to the people’s getting more alopecia areata and the hair loss on the top of the head for both men and women. Therefore, the care of scalp is essential in winter time.”


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