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Red light on the health of scalp! How can it be solved?

2019-03-28 13:11:50
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In March, the mercury in a thermometer goes up and the start of the spring is felt with every day getting longer. Though we want to enjoy the warm weather, our scalp gets very sensitive in this transitional period. Especially, in the spring when the yellow dust and fine dust get severe, not only our respiratory organ but also our skins and scalp may get the fatal scratch.

The transitional period leads to the environment in which the skin or scalp gets weak due to the big fluctuation in temperature between day and night and the moisture getting taken away by dry atmosphere. Busy modern people cannot take full care of our scalp as they are so busy that they doe not have time to dry their hair after washing. However, what is most necessary for the skin damaged by external hazardous substance is the daily habit and the cleanliness of body. We often take care of our skin. But, how about the scalp control which is easily ignored without much stimulus?

There are various kinds of contaminants accumulated on the scalp. If they are not properly treated, the seborrheic scalp infection, hair loss, or dry and weak scalp may happen. The students in growth stage or the busy company workers are sometimes very much concerned with the itchy and dry scalp or bad odor from the scalp even if they shampooed. Is there any hair care product which can remove their concerns?

▶ Caring the scalp which is itchy and smelly

If you are concerned with the itchy and smelly scalp, you should worry about the possibility that the scalp has the sebum more than proper level or you have the seborrheic scalp infection. If your hair gets stuck together that you feel uncomfortable with it, you had better replace your current hair product with new one. It is because even though you may be a type of having a lot of sebum on the scalp. But, if you do not take care of it for long, it may result in the scalp disorder.

As the waste or contaminant is to be removed from the skin, the keratin also shall be removed from the scalp. If you scrape your scalp with hand nail and gets the sebum stuck on it, you may have the oily scalp. In that case, you shall use the shampoo which cleans the sebum from your scalp for the healthy scalp environment.

ILUILY’s Yellow Shampoo; Its flavor of sweet lemon and grapefruit removes any smell from the scalp. The lemon oil in the shampoo activates the white blood cell with the acid oil to increase the immunity of the scalp. This is the scalp care shampoo which can do even the deep cleansing by cleanly removing the contaminants and sebum form the scalp.

▶ Method of keeping the scalp healthy

What should be done to keep the scalp healthy? Sometimes, some people use the excessively strong shampoo to remove the contaminants from the scalp. But that may make the scalp more sensitive. Accordingly, the weak acid shampoo which is almost the same with the skin is the best.

To minimize the damages to the scalp skin barrier, you had better make the comb many times a day. That is because the combing removes the dust from the scalp and hair and keeps the skin clean. Especially, if you are very much concerned with the bad smell from scalp, the hair perfume may be helpful as it can provide the hair with the moisture and remove the bad small from the hair and scalp.

ILUILY’s spring containing scalp perfume is used if you want to correct the smelly, dry and non-glossy scalp or remove the oil from scalp. As the scalp perfume contains the extract of black bean, it keeps the scalp healthy. In addition, as it has the sustainable flavor, it can remove the bad smell from the top of the head. Also, it is easy to use and it can easily be used to provide the scalp with nutrients.


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